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Jessica C

I'm here to inspire you.

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My Experience

I have experience tutoring Ancient History, History, English Literature and English Language. I teach a variety of age groups and ability levels, ranging from primary school children to undergraduate students. I have experience teaching different exam boards (including OCR, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC) and helping students prepare their UCAS applications.

Some examples of my past teaching experience include:
– Proof reading History and Ancient History essays for undergraduate students in central London to help improve their clarity and argument.
– Teaching History to an A level student to take his B grade to an A.
– Helping a year 6 student prepare for her SATs exams.
– Teaching at GCSE level with a focus on essay writing for specific mark schemes.
– Teaching GCSE Chemistry to a young girl to improve her confidence in the subject.

Subjects I teach

Ancient History and History up to undergraduate
English Literature & English Language to A Level
Latin & Chemistry to GCSE
11+ Tuition

My Qualifications

PhD in Ancient History, starting 2019. The title of my PhD is ‘The Politics of Entertainment: Roman Theatre and Popular Political Culture in the Late Republic’.
Master’s Degree in Ancient History.
First Class Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in History.

Naukratis Project Volunteer. I am a volunteer in the Greece and Rome Department, where I work two days a week assisting two of the curators with research, exhibitions and publications.

A Levels: A* English Literature, A History, B Chemistry.
GCSEs: 8 A*, 1 A and 1 B.

My Passion And How I Inspire

After finishing my A Levels, my high school got in touch with me. They asked if I would tutor specific students who they thought were struggling with Humanities at GCSE and A Level. Once I started tutoring, I found it to be both rewarding and inspiring. I believe that one-to-one tuition is a fantastic way to ensure that my students receive a personalised approach to teaching. I adapt the pace and style of my lessons to each individual student. I am excited to help them realise their full potential.

Fun fact

I also love playing and listening to music and I have Grade 8 Clarinet.

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