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    My Experience

    I have been a private tutor since 2010. I first started out tutoring subjects at GCSE level but then moved on to A Level subjects. I have tutored a wide range of people and have also done a bit of online tutoring.


    Olivia McAllister (A Level Politics Tutee)

    “Having struggled trying to understand political theory for such a long time you gave me the confidence and self belief needed to make the subject more enjoyable to learn. Now I have full faith in myself that I can go into my exams and do well.

    Subjects I teach

    History A Level
    Sociology A Level
    Politics A Level

    My Qualifications

    English Language – A
    English Literature – B
    Religious Studies – A
    Information and Technology – A
    Biology – B
    Chemistry – B
    Physics – B
    Gujarati – B
    History – B
    Leicestershire Personal Development Program – B
    Business Studies – B
    Mathematics – B

    AS Level Psychology – C
    A2 Sociology – A*
    A2 History – B
    A2 Government and Politics – A*

    Qualification Pending:
    BA History and Sociology – 2.1

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    The approach I have to tutoring is three fold. First I get to know the tutee and find out what their strengths and weakness in the subject that I am tutoring them in. Secondly, I would go through the list of many different teaching styles I have written down and find which one would suit the tutee the best. Everyone learns facts and figures in different ways so having one teaching method would not benefit any tutees. Finally, with the teaching method I pick I try to make the subject I am tutoring them in fun and exciting so that they do not feel like they cannot do the work just because it’s boring and dull.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a Latin and Ballroom dancer and have been for the past ten years. My favourite dance would be the Rumba!

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