My Passion & How I Inspire

My approach to tuition is quite informal but it is also streamlined and efficient. Its very easy to get anecdotal in photography as it can be such a visual and emotive topic. In my sessions the students learn precisely what they need to learn through a variety of hands on exercises and activities but also through and understanding and application of relevant theory.

My Experience

I have many years professional experience shooting all over the world, including 300 weddings and countless other private and public events. I have been teaching photography for almost 8 years and I have exhibited here and abroad including The National Portrait Gallery.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Photography

My Qualifications

BA in photography

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I shoot on anything but one of my favourite cameras is a 117 year old full plate (10x12) which is nothing but wood, glass and brass - and leather (for the bellows). I use 8x10 sheet film which I then process myself in deep tanks - in the dark of course. Great fun and the results are breathtaking. I even had one exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery.