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    My Experience

    I have been tutoring A-Level students for 2 years in maths and physics throughout my own time in sixth form. In my final year I was also the administrator for the physics and maths help groups aimed at GCSE and A-Level students, which involved weekly support sessions and further help/questions if required.

    Subjects I teach

    Maths up to A-Level
    Physics up to A-Level
    Economics up to A-Level

    My Qualifications

    Currently studying for a MSci Physics degree at University College London.

    Completed my first year with a First Class (75%).
    Achieved A*A*Aaa at A-Level in Maths, Physics, Economics, Chemistry and Further Maths respectively.

    Runner up for the Senior Mathematics Prize at my school and placed in the top half at an international maths Olympiad in Belgium (ISMTF).

    Also have 9 A*-A’s at GCSE with A*’s in Science, Additional Science and Mathematics.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Through my own passion for physics and maths, I have realised that a genuine thirst for knowledge can be one of the most beneficial ways of effectively learning and retaining information. I try to utilise this by applying the seemingly mundane concepts taught in classrooms to much more interesting and gripping scenarios.

    Similarly, quite often I see students performing calculations without appreciating the greater picture of what they are trying to accomplish so instilling a strong foundation of basic principles can help students in the trickiest of situations. If one cannot answer why they are performing a calculation, it may be beneficial to go deeper into that concept.

    A solid understanding of what an examiner wants can also help good students excel as they will now be able to use time efficiently to answer key questions rather than draw out an answer that may not score them many marks. I ensure this with a very thorough and rigorous analysis of previous mark schemes so answering certain questions becomes second nature to students even under duress.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    Played rugby (and won) at the Dubai Rugby Sevens in front of 40,000 people!

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