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My Passion & How I Inspire

I employ a variety of visual, aural and kinetic learning techniques depending on what learning style a student has. I often find that students aren’t aware that the way they are trying to memorise things at school isn’t working simply because they haven’t explored whether, for example, the use of multi-coloured note paper and other visual stimulants will help them. mAside from this, making each student feel confident and aware of their natural strengths is a vital part of teaching. With the subject I teach, making abstract concepts come alive (for example, holding a mock election during the lesson to explain the voting process) is also very important.

My Experience

Full-time tutor since 2010.

Thousands of hours of experience in tutoring a wide variety of A Level topics.

Extensive homeschooling experience.

Tuition provided for dissertations at university level in Religious Studies and Philosophy

100% success rate in mentoring students for Oxbridge entrance.

High 'A' pass rate for students.

Dozens of letters of recommendation available.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy - IB
  • Philosophy - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Philosophy - Cambridge Pre-U
  • Politics
  • Politics - IB
  • Politics - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Politics - Cambridge Pre-U
  • Religious Studies
  • Religious Studies - IB
  • Religious Studies - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Religious Studies - Cambridge Pre-U
  • Sociology
  • Sociology - IB
  • Sociology - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Sociology - Cambridge Pre-U
  • Theology
  • Theology - IB
  • Theology - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Theology - Cambridge Pre-U

My Qualifications

A Level: English (A), Politics (A), History (A), Advanced English Extension Award (Merit)

Degree: Theology (2:1), Cambridge

My Reviews

In addition to the below, I have a written reference from a doctor of Philosophy and college chaplain at Cambridge University.

Extracts from letters of recommendation (all available in full on request):

“... incredibly reliable and professional... James’s teaching techniques were flexible depending on the specific needs of our son. He had a lot of pre-prepared resources which he had created himself and my son found these particularly useful... James’s superior knowledge and passion for his subject resulted in my son gaining both in confidence and ability and led him to succeed in achieving a Distinction grade when his school had predicted a Merit.”

Mother of  Pre-U Philosophy & Theology student (Cambridge), 2013.

"A great source of help to my daughter over the past two years; making smooth preparations for her to retake her AS level, alongside her continuing work towards her A level. He contributed invaluably towards her outstanding AS level pass mark of 100% . For her A2, Olivia received an A."

Mother of Philosophy A Level (AQA) Candidate, 2012/13.

"James was an excellent tutor. He explained complex ideas clearly and tailored his tutoring to suit my son. Importantly, he acted as a strong motivator and made sure rigourous revision notes were made... humourous, friendly and a good natured motivator. My son received an A*".

Mother of GCSE Religious Studies student (OCR), 2012/13.

"He immediately established a very good working relationship with my daughter which encouraged her to really engage with the subject and plan and think about the topics in depth. He helped her with the structure of her essays and how to build up a coherent and well thought out argument...I would highly recommend James as a Philosophy tutor."

Mother of Religious Studies (OCR) student, 2012/13.

"James's enthusiasm, attention to detail and ability to make the lessons interesting and absorbing has paid off...I cannot recommend Mr Moran highly enough.  He is punctual and thoughtful and I would not hesitate to hire him again in the future."

Mother of homeschooled A2 candidate taught full time for a year in History (Edexcel), Sociology (AQA) and Religious Studies (Edexcel), 2011/12.

"James was very familiar with the curriculum and both his discussions with my son and the work set were of an appropriate and challenging level, set work was always marked and discussed at the following tutorial. My son received a good Distinction in his exams."

Mother of Pre-U Philosophy & Theology student (Cambridge), 2013.

“My daughter was unable to attend school due to illness, and so James was entirely responsible for her preparation. She received a Distinction in her exams. James was a diligent tutor, who managed to convey this difficult subject with a lightness of touch. I know that my daughter enjoyed her lessons enormously, and that she found it easy to learn from James. He not only imparted the necessary knowledge but also inspired her with confidence."

Mother of homeschooled Pre-U Philosophy & Theology student (Cambridge), who I taught the entire syllabus to in 2012/13.

"James was brilliant. Despite tutoring my two twin daughters at the same time, he adapted his teaching style to suit both of them differently. He made the whole course much easier for them to understand than they had found at school. Beyond this, he boosted their confidence and increased their essay writing skills. He provided a large amount of digital handouts which they also found useful. Both girls ended up with very high As in all the topics he taught them in."

Mother of twin daughters taught in Religious Studies (OCR) and Philosophy (AQA), 2012/13.

"...James covered far more content than the school had taught in a whole year and to a greater depth and understanding. His knowledge of the syllabus and ability to explain complex philosophical arguments and content, in a way that my daughter could understand, was second to none... put back a confidence in my daughter that had been partly destroyed in this subject due to poor teaching at school. I have never seen my daughter so relaxed and happy after taking an exam than she was after re-taking these two."

Mother of homeschooled candidate in Religious Studies (Edexcel), 2012/13.

“My son was predicted high grades and he achieved the highest possible, securing a place at Cambridge. James was encouraging and stimulating, thorough and clearly extremely well prepared and knowledgeable about the course requirements and content. I was impressed with his capacity to be flexible and his quick understanding of how this particular young man worked, and what he needed...I have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher and have no doubt that these intensive sessions contributed to my son's success.”

Mother of Pre-U Philosophy & Theology student (Cambridge), 2013.

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I write a political column for the Huffington Post!