James G

My Passion & How I Inspire

Strategic. Setting goals, time frames and methodologies to produce the best results.

Architecture is, like all design fields subjective in its ideology but not in the process. It may not be a linear path but key elements are always tackled within a similar context. My methodology has enabled students to develop their understanding of the subject produce at a much higher quality and do so efficiently. We take simple steps and ultimately expand their abilities and knowledge and ready them for the next stage or their professional career.

My Experience

I have taught at a number of major universities either as a guest critic or delivering Design workshops, skills based workshops, lectures and reviews. My students have gone on to achieve exceptional degrees, with outstanding projects as well of numerous student awards and started to developed impressive careers without outstanding architectural practices.

I am a Chartered Architect working within the industry for a number of years, now as both Project lead and BIM coordinator, I specialize in new tech/Software with a big focus on Revit. My projects have ranged in scale and value, both nationally and international work. I have been awarded various accolades for my work both professionally and during my time in education.

Subjects That I Teach

  • ACT
  • ACT - IB
  • Architecture
  • Architecture - IB

My Qualifications

BA Architecture (RIBA Part I) – Birmingham City University

MA Architecture (RIBA Part II) – Birmingham City University

Architecture PG. Dip Professional Practice (RIBA Part III) – University of Westminster

Fun fact

I have approximately 200 Architecture/Design/Philosophy related books and only one Fiction. Concrete Island – J G Ballard