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    My Experience

    2014-2015: worked at Bradfield College delivering workshops and 1-1 sessions on study skills and smartphone management. This included GCSE and A Level students as well as students applying to Bradfield at Common Entrance or Scholarship level.

    2016: established The Exam Coach – a dedicated study skills and smartphone management support service. No subjects are taught, instead, I focus solely on helping students develop the key skills required for high achievement across all subjects (eg. organisation, time management, revision technique, self motivation, initiative and an ability to achieve in pressurised environments).

    2016-2019: delivered workshops and 1-1 sessions at 25 different institutions across the country on a yearly/termly basis, these included: King’s College London, The King’s School Canterbury and Wellington College.

    Subjects I teach

    Exam Study Skills (all subjects) and Smartphone Management

    My Qualifications

    * Academic/Sports Scholarship to Bradfield College, Berkshire
    * GCSE: 8A*s (Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Latin) , 2As (English Literature, French)
    * A Level: 3A*s (History, English Literature, Biology)
    * Head of D House-On-The-Hill, Bradfield College
    * Applied to study History at Oxford University, passed the History Aptitude Test, rejected at the final interview.
    * 2:1 History BA, University of Exeter. 1st class dissertation ‘How can we see the cultural diffusion of Athleticism in the British Public Schools’.
    * Seneca Certified Educator
    * Member of The Tutors’ Association

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I first became interested in helping students pass their exams when I was invited back to my secondary school to deliver a workshop for underperforming students. It was well received, and five years on, I’m still going strong!

    I enjoy helping students develop their own way to succeed in their exams because of the transferable skills the exam process can instil. Seeing a student reap the benefits of routine, organisation and taking the initiative motivates me to push them beyond their own expectations.

    I inspire my students by focussing on their strengths, educating them about the best study techniques and encouraging them take pride in their education.

    Fun fact

    I treat my smartphone like a laboratory. I tinker with and test different settings constantly. The most successful students of the future will use their smartphone in a different way to everyone else.

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