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    My Experience

    One years private tutoring experience.
    I am a second year student at the London School of Economics and a Tavistock Tutor
    I have had experience of teaching to entire classes within my role as an Officer within my School’s CCF with all my classes attaining a 100% pass rate.
    I really enjoy the different challenges that One-to-One tuition provides.

    Subjects I teach

    Geography – GCSE and A-Level
    Economics – A-Level

    My Qualifications

    9A*s and 1A at GCSE
    Additional Maths and Additional French
    2A’s and 1B at A-Level
    Predicted 1st in BSc Geography with Economics from London School of Economics

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Obviously, every student has his or her own individual style of learning, however, the majority of students struggle to remember something they are simply told.  I aim to provide guidance and fine-tuning to ensure that the student is not merely spoon-fed the right answer but has to think for themselves, and can therefore begin to learn independently. After this, one style of revision that I personally find beneficial is to check your understanding by trying to explain to someone what you have learnt, almost as if you were teaching them. My key aim is to be able to impart my passion for the subjects I teach onto my students so they form a genuine interest in the subject which can only have a positive effect on their grades.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have stroked a lion’s mane!

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