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    My Experience

    Numerous students over the past 5-6 years in all the topics above and some others. I have also helped with University applications. All of my students have exceeded their predictions in exams.

    I have also traveled abroad to teach students during their family holidays.

    Subjects I teach

    English, (up to undergraduate level)
    History, (up to a-level)
    Politics, (up to a-level)
    Music, (up to a-level)
    Drama, (up to GCSE)
    UK university applications
    Oxbridge applications
    Interview practice
    Revision techniques

    My Qualifications

    English (BA, 2.i, University of Cambridge, graduated in 2017)
    English, History, Politics and Music (A Levels, A*, A, A, A* respectively)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I go for a flexible approach to tuition. Will ask what goals a student wants to achieve and see how I can help them in achieving them. I don’t believe that any two students are the same and there is no universal rubric to teaching. I have worked with students with more mathematical minds and more creative minds, and I have varying techniques for different types of student.

    I try to lay down a broad plan at the start but am willing to change and adapt in accordance with what’s working and what’s not. I always listen to parents and students, and try to take on board any comments or changing goals. Over the course of a GCSE, A-Level or Undergraduate course students will develop and change, so the teaching plan must adapt with that.

    I often teach students more than one subject, which allows for me to help balance and time-manage. Some students, for instance, may struggle with one subject and take very naturally to another, and so time should be allocated accordingly. Furthermore, I believe that students need time to relax and switch off from work. Tutoring should never be an added stress for a student – it should help make school and home-life more balanced, so I will rarely set extra work unless really necessary.

    Furthermore, I always try my best to respond to their school education. Tutoring shouldn’t be a separate course to school education: in order to get the most out of tutoring, it should be about responding to school classes and trying to inform education more generally.

    Fun fact

    My parents say my first word was “Dadoo”… Which isn’t even a real word!

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