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    My Experience

    I currently home school A-Level psychology and have been tutoring GCSE maths and science as well as all aspects of the 11+ Common entrance exams. I have also been helping my younger sister (who has a number of learning disabilities) with school work for years, which has definitely helped me develop not only tireless patience but also the ability to be able to adjust the way I teach to any level of understanding.


    India is doing a great job with my daughter for her A level study of Psychology. India always manages to engage and focus my daughter on the task at hand in a way which results in my daughter learning and understanding as she goes, as opposed simply to listening without taking anything in. India has also quickly gained the respect and trust of my daughter because of her capabilities as a tutor and because she knows how to connect with her. Thank you India! – Philip

    Subjects I teach

    Psychology up to A-Level
    Geography up to A-Level
    Religious Studies up to A-Level
    Common Entrance

    My Qualifications

    I have a Masters degree (high 2:1) in Psychology from The University of Edinburgh and I’m currently studying part time in Nutrition and will be starting a Masters next September in Food Science. I achieved all A’s at A level in Geography, Religious Studies, Art and Maths (AS). I also helped run the art society whilst at Edinburgh University.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe that learning and studying does not have to be a struggle. The key is to find out the learning style of each individual and adjust the lesson to match what works best for each person. It is also important to keep lessons and dynamic as possible, and even with an hour, to try alternate between reading, writing, testing etc.

    Fun fact

    I once broke the Guiness World Record for the highest number of dog biscuits balanced on my forehead in 30 seconds!

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