Holly H

My Passion & How I Inspire

Interaction, debate and discussion. Law and the other subjects I teach, are by their very nature, contentious. It is essential to understand the debates inherent in the subject. I believe that with discussion and interaction even the most difficult areas of subjects become understandable. I approach private tuition by confronting the debates and flexibility of perspectives in subjects, allowing students to assess and understand material, perceiving the strongest line of argument.

My Experience

I have been tutoring for over two years, working with both individual students and groups of students. My students have ranged from sixth formers to postgraduates. I have taught both face to face and online tuition for a range of clients, including; the University of Oxford, Law summer schools run by international law firms and top private tuition agencies in the UK. My primary area of focus is Law, a vast and expansive subject that allows for tutoring at all levels of education. I have extensive experience in tutoring all the subjects I offer. I have also led sessions to 30+ students for the University of Oxford in the two largest and competitive access initiative summer schools; ExpLaw and UNIQ.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - Postgraduate
  • English - University Admissions
  • English - SAT
  • History
  • History - A-Level
  • History - Postgraduate
  • History - University Admissions
  • History - SAT
  • Law
  • Law - A-Level
  • Law - Postgraduate
  • Law - University Admissions
  • Law - SAT
  • LNAT
  • LNAT - A-Level
  • LNAT - Postgraduate
  • LNAT - University Admissions
  • LNAT - SAT
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy - A-Level
  • Philosophy - Postgraduate
  • Philosophy - University Admissions
  • Philosophy - SAT
  • Politics
  • Politics - A-Level
  • Politics - Postgraduate
  • Politics - University Admissions
  • Politics - SAT

My Qualifications

City Law School – Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

Qualification to become a practicing barrister; 2018-19.

Diana, Princess of Wales scholarship and Harmsworth Exhibition award from the Honourable society of the Middle Temple.

University of Oxford – Faculty of Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice Masters (MSc)

(Pembroke College) 2017-18

Distinction results in; Philosophy examination, Criminal justice examination and research methodology, about bias and parole.

• Faculty of Law, MSc Student representative for the year group.

• Pembroke College, MCR Treasurer.

University of Cambridge – Law (BA): 2:1

(Downing College) 2013-16

1st class results in; Jurisprudence, Dissertation Thesis, Criminology Sentencing and the Penal System

Harvard University, USA – War Crimes, Genocide and Justice

(Harvard Law School and JFK School of Government and Politics); 2015

One semester module on the topic of international law, genocide and war crimes. Examined through both an end of term examination and class participation and advocacy.

Fun fact

I have passports from three different countries.