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    My Experience

    During my undergraduate degree I tutored undergraduate students. I mostly tutored in formal logic, but also helped with essay writing in all areas.

    Subjects I teach

    Philosophy up to Undergraduate level

    My Qualifications

    My journey with Philosophy began way back in 2007 at Ralph Allen School with a Philosophy and Ethics GCSE. Since then I have completed a Philosophy A Level (alongside History and Mathematics), also at Ralph Allen, and a Philosophy Undergraduate Degree at the University of Glasgow. I am currently in the middle of a Philosophy Masters at UCL.

    At Glasgow I achieved a First in my dissertation and most modules, and achieved a First overall. I achieved full marks in the module on formal logic and was awarded the Thomas G Holt prize for outstanding work. In my final year I was elected Treasurer of the Philosophy Society, where I helped organise and run weekly events, such as academic talks and debates. I am currently on track to achieving a Distinction overall at UCL.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    There are three things that you need to get top marks in Philosophy; a solid understanding of the curriculum, genuine opinions regarding this, and the ability to communicate all of this in a simple and understandable way without sacrificing any rigour. In my lessons I focus on what the individual student needs help with the most, whether it be just one of these things or refinement of all three.

    Most people do struggle with the second element. When you’re dealing with controversial and complicated topics, such as the metaphysics of the mind or the ethics of abortion, it is not always easy to know where you stand. And even if you do, it can sometimes be intimidating to share these personal opinions in a classroom setting. The topics of Philosophy are so interesting, however, I genuinely believe that absolutely everyone will have something to say. Some people just need to be asked the right questions in a friendly and encouraging environment to get there! With every student, then, I focus on uncovering and developing their ideas to bring originality and finesse to their work.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I love things which have been made, instead of bought – I have now perfected pizza from scratch, knitting jumpers, and planting terrariums!

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