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    My Experience

    At the time of writing I am achieving a first class classification with an average of 87% in my Chemistry MSci degree. I have accepted a Ph.D. position to study the biogeochemical cycles of zinc and cadmium at Imperial College London. I thoroughly enjoyed my A-Level subjects and my passion for science has only grown the more I delve into it. I tutored Chemistry AS-Level during my A-Level year and have always been eager to help out my peers throughout my degree. Organic chemistry has always been my strongest field but it is the section that often students find most difficult, in school and at degree level.

    Subjects I teach

    Chemistry A-Level
    Science GCSE
    Mathematics GCSE

    My Qualifications

    University College London, Chemistry MSci
    Awarded 2016 Christopher Ingold Prize for excellence in undergraduate performance.
    Received a £500 Entrance Scholarship from UCL for academic excellence in first year.
    Gold British Science Association CREST Award in 2012
    Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School:
    Chemistry A*
    Physics A
    Economics and Business Studies A*
    Sociology A

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe the main hurdle to overcome for academic success is self-belief and therefore I aim to instill a confidence within students for tackling new challenges they may encounter. Within the areas of science and mathematics practice really does make perfect and understanding what an examiner is looking for in each uniquely worded question is a vital skill for improving grades. Ultimately, the best way to engage with a subject is finding enjoyment from learning. I am very passionate about science and I hope to encourage more students to enjoy discovering how the world around us works.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    If I were in the wizarding world I would be in Hufflepuff house!

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