My Passion & How I Inspire

Knowledge is essential in order to be a good tutor, but it is the way that this knowledge is delivered that can make a tutor special. I always ensure to keep students fully engaged with my lessons and foster their curiosity for the subjects I teach, while developing successful learning techniques throughout the process to enable them achieve the highest grades possible in the exams. I like keeping my lessons fun, without losing the didactic objectives. At all times, I tailor my lessons to meet my tutees’ individual learning needs, using a teaching approach that best suits their own learning styles.

I love the subjects I teach and I have a special passion for tutoring, which make my lessons uniquely valuable. Knowledge is a treasure, the more we share, the more we gain, and the more we feel satisfied: this is why I like teaching.

My Experience

In year 13, I have been a student coach. The role consisted on helping younger students with their mathematics and English homework, and helping GCSE students choose their A-Level subjects. Following that, I became a mathematics and science tutor in a tuition centre and I have been providing one-to-one private tuition to a significant number of students, from KS1 to A-Level, consistently receiving positive feedback from my clients. An outstanding progress has been made by one of my year 7 tutees, who was at KS2 level when I started tutoring him and, after only one year, he became a GCSE level student. I am familiar with the major examination boards, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Additionally, I have extensive tutoring experience in Italian and I teach my brother KS3 Spanish.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Italian
  • Italian - A-Level
  • Italian - Further
  • Spanish
  • Spanish - A-Level
  • Spanish - Further

My Qualifications

Currently studying Civil Engineering (MEng) at University College London.

A-Levels – Bedford Academy, UK: Mathematics (A), self-taught Further Mathematics (B) and Physics (B) respectively.

Diploma di Licenza Media with Scholarship – Italy: 10 out of 10 (highest grade, according to the Italian academic grading system) in Italian Language and Literature, English, French, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education.

My Video Introduction