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    My Experience

    Prepared students for the 11+ as well as 13+ exams
    Tutored students in AS History at Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School

    Subjects I teach

    English to A-Level
    History to A-Level
    Biology to A-Level
    Exam preparation and essay writing
    UCAS applications

    My Qualifications

    2A*s, 6As, 2Bs GCSE
    A*AB at A Level in English Literature, History and Biology
    Reading Anthropology BA at the LSE

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “By engaging students with the content of their course through discussion and debate I allow students to come to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and to develop their own opinion and insights. My method enables them to make connections across course material and develops their use of critical analysis and evaluative abilities which are imperative and applicable to all studies. It is also important to build a relationship with the student based  on my understanding of their personality and what motivates them, to make their learning experience as enjoyable as possible.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a singer in a band!

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