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    My Experience

    I work as a private vocal coach teaching students from varying levels/ age groups. I focus particularly on areas such as breath control, warm up exercises which strengthen the diaphragm, vocal blending, performance techniques/stage persona, song writing as well as educating them on music business. Alongside my vocal training experiences I also work as a guitar tutor and teach children from the ages of 6-11. I allow them to express their creativity by deciding 
on sequence of chords, strumming patterns, writing lyrics, solo sections whilst developing their overall musicality.

    I also have teaching experiences in English Literature and was specifically chosen by the English Literature program leader at Middlesex University to work as a Student Learner Assistant (SLA). My job involved working with first year students and helping them in small group discussions, seminar questions and essay writing.

    Subjects I teach

    Vocal training (all levels)
    Guitar (beginner/intermediate level)
    Art and Crafts (Children/Teenagers)

    My Qualifications

    Middlesex University
    BA English Literature and Media Studies  Grade: 2: 1

    Camberwell College of Arts
    Art Foundation    Grade: Pass

    LASWAP Consortium
    A Level Art, Film Studies and English Literature.
    Grade: A/A/B
    AS Media Studies. Grade: A

    Haggerston Secondary School, London
    9 GCSEs – A* to C

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Due to my experiences from my teaching positions I understand how to work with a range of characters from one extreme to another and students of various ages. I have understood that the key to effective teaching is to suit your methods to the student and approach them at a level which is familiar and understandable to them. It is also important to connect to the students on a personal and social level, as well as mentoring them in a creative sense. I consider myself a skilful educator in the area of the arts find teaching an incredibly fulfilling prospect.  In addition to my skills I believe I am also the right type of character needed to teach. As well as having a strong element of fun in my teaching I know how to discipline my students and make sure my classes are as educational as they are enjoyable.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a singer and enjoy gigging and writing music in my spare time. I’m also a jewellery maker!

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