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    My Experience

    3 years of tutoring experience in England and France.
    I specialise in teaching French from 7+ up to A-Levels, and I have experience teaching other subjects from 7+ up to GCSE and further. I am also, a professionally trained actor, enabling me to communicate ideas in a fresh and exciting way.


    “Guillaume has been working as a tutor and homework assistant for my daughter aged nine years.
    I am extremely happy with his work and can say with certainty that he is a highly effective teacher .His total fluency in English and French is without question, but more importantly i have found him to be an exceptionally creative and well organised person who is innovative in his teaching methods and who makes thorough preparations for his lessons .He immediately made a connection with my daughter in a natural and friendly manner and i am confident that he is capable of doing so with people of any age or situation due to his good communication skills.
 Above all Guillaume has proved himself to be honest and reliable as well as discreet and polite , I would highly recommend him to any perspective employer and am in no doubt that he will prove himself to be a valuable asset”

    Subjects I teach

    French all levels
    English and Maths up to 11+

    My Qualifications

    University Of Kent – B.A (L.A.M.D.A)
    Centrale Saint Martins – Diploma in performance
    Baccalauréat Economique et Sociale – Académie de Versailles

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I teach my students a range of subjects, and not only look to prepare them for their academic work, but also to improve their confidence and to give them room to fully explore and question the subjects at hand. Questioning an area of study should be considered a joy, not a chore!

    I like to plan my lessons depending on every students specific needs in a creative and effective way, tailor-made together we find the way to achieve their goals and identify their weaknesses.

    I aim to make students comfortable and at ease to create a conscientious and caring environment to help them fulfil their potential.

    I understand both joys and demands of such a role, and strive to help students progress in a fun, interesting and challenging way, in order to develop their skills and knowledge.
    I also appreciate the level of investment and trust in employing someone in this position, and I would match this with a level of dedication to enthusing the children’s sense of learning and discovery, as well as their academic development.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I was born in France, at the age of 7 and from then on, I lived in Poland (Warsaw) for 2 years then to Germany (Hamburg) for 2 years then France, then Singapore and finally London where I studied and graduated in 2013!

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