My Passion & How I Inspire

As a child and in my early teens I had tutors in Maths and Russian. This personal experience has led me to understand the expectations of private tuition. I did not want my private lessons to be equivalent to home-schooling. I wished the tutor to present the subject to me in an original way even if this meant them standing on their heads to elucidate a difficult concept. This is the ethos of my lessons. I will stretch my imagination to its limits in order to explain something to a student in a way that suits them best and inspires enthusiasm for the subject.

My Experience

I have accumulated quite a wealth of tutoring experience despite keeping busy with degrees and other forms of vocational training.

I have worked as a Childcare Provider at a Montessori Nursery in Cologne (my home city). I have travelled as a resident teacher to remote places like Oualidia in Morocco and less remote places like Moscow (my other home city), where I stayed and taught for weeks and months respectively.

I have also tutored during my years as a student in London. This has ranged from academic tuition with my peers at University to help them pass exams, to charitable tuition with physically and mentally disabled children.

The range of subjects that I have covered as a tutor is quite long and can be seen on the left under “Subjects I teach”. More specifically, I have had great success teaching Maths, English and Science to children aged 10 – 17. As a 17 year old, I applied to study Medicine and was miserably unsuccessful. This has been one of the most valuable lessons I learnt so far. The second time round, I was more successful and received offers for the accelerated four year Medicine programme from all four of my University choices. Since then, I have helped several clients earn a place at Medical School by sharing my ‘application’ know-how. Now, at University, I teach the medical students in years below me in most Undergraduate level subjects. However, I have a particular passion for Anatomy and Clinical Physiology.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Biology
  • Biology - A-Level
  • Biology - IB
  • Biomedical
  • Biomedical - A-Level
  • Biomedical - IB
  • BMAT
  • BMAT - A-Level
  • BMAT - IB
  • Medicine
  • Medicine - A-Level
  • Medicine - IB
  • Science
  • Science - A-Level
  • Science - IB

My Qualifications

(2015) Graduate Entry Medicine (4yrs) at King’s College London. First year passed with distinction

(2014) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 150hrs Certificate

(2013) Assistant Paramedic Certificate with German Red Cross

(2012) 2:1 Biomedical Sciences BSc at University College London

(2009) A-levels at St. George’s International School Cologne: German (A), Russian (A); IB Diploma: 40 points, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Maths HL, English A1 SL, German B1 SL, History SL

(2007) GCSEs at St. George’s International School Cologne: 6A*, 2A, 1C (Geography!)

Head Boy at St. George’s International School Cologne

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I cycled all the way from London to the South of Italy, dragging a 4kg tent along with me!