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My Experience

From a young age, I have always enjoyed learning and encouraging others in their learning too. Giving people confidence, inspiring a love of the subject, simplifying information and offering ‘learn how to learn’ skills (eg structuring written work) have been centre-stage in my teaching.

A key passion is helping students develop academic writing skills, something rarely taught at school or university level, with my own abilities learned ‘on the job’; through writing six books. Five of these are fairly academic (for example, a book ‘Gender, Design and Marketing’ published by Routledge) but one is popular (‘Why men like straight lines and women like polka dots’) and writing a non-fiction page-turner taught (with a review on Amazon ‘I loved every word’) taught me more about the craft of writing than all the 70 or so journal articles and more serious books.

My teaching experience is multi-leveled, with each level presenting its own satisfactions and challenges:
Full-time University work up to Professorial-level (in British and French universities including the Paris School of Business; the Open University and University of Wales): have taught postgraduate courses in International Management and Change; in leadership; in Diversity; and in psychology at work

Private tutoring – have offered tutoring for students from PhD to 11+ level:
Postgraduate: the tutoring I have undertaken at this level included help with a student’s PhD at different stages (identifying the research questions; developing the structure; methodology; organising material into a coherent structure); also help with MBA (help with assignments and dissertation)
The above in the fields of Business and Management as well as Humanities.
Undergraduate: help with dissertations and assignment writing in Business and Management and the Humanities
11+ successful in tutoring for competitive entry for private schools (eg successful in obtaining a scholarship for an applicant to City of London School for Boys covering the English element of the entrance exam)
13+ = I tutored people successfully for entrance to Eton and Winchester, covering the English, French, Latin and History elements in the entrance exam

Piano: have successfully prepared children and adults up to grade 8, usually obtaining grades of Merit and fast-tracking pupils so that every-other grade is tackled


Students have described me as being extremely friendly and approachable which I believe to be essential in understanding a student’s needs. They also say that my lessons are fund and engaging. I focus on simplifying complex information, providing structures to learning and providing positive feedback wherever possible, building achievement on a base of positive motivation and solid foundations in learning.

Clients have also commented on my patience and willingness to go to any lengths to help a student achieve the highest levels of success.

Subjects I teach

Up to University level (undergraduate and postgraduate, including Masters and PhD): Business and Management; French; some history topics
Up to A-level: Business Studies; French; Music and History
Up to GCSE level: English language, French, Latin, Music, History
Entrance exams: 11+ 13+
Piano: up to grade 8
Essay / assignment/ dissertation technique and guidance

My Qualifications

I have always loved learning since a young age. My first love was French, my first degree subject, and from that I went onto a Masters in History followed by a p/g qualification at the London School of Economics (LSE) in Human Resources Management, the subject of people in organisations. This took me into work in industry (for example at Eurotunnel, using my French) as a Training Manager and then as a Lecturer and Professor in Universities in the UK and in France. For much of this time I was tutoring in the background (both in Business Studies, French English and Music including piano).

All this fuelled a pssion for writing and research and I am now planning my seventh book, this one on Leadership in Schools and Universities, with others on Inclusive Leadership (a brilliant style that vastly energises people) and is so much better than old-fashioned Command and Control leadership) and Gender Marketing. Am also planning a new research project on Leadership and Personality as well as running a weekend conference on History.

Summary of my qualifications:
For my secondary education, I attended a girls grammar school, Camden School for Girls in north west London (the alma mater of Emma Thompson) obtaining there:
9 ‘O’ levels (English language, English literature, French, Latin, German, Italian, Mathematics, Biology and Music)
3 ‘A’ levels (French AA, Music B, Ancient History, B – these grades being equivalent to A* A A in 2019 terms!)
BA (Hons) French 2:1 University of Southampton
MA History , University of London
Postgrad Diploma in Personnel Management, London School of Economics
PhD ‘Diversity and Web design’, University of Wales

My International Placements

France (was a Visiting Professor at Paris Business Schools); Latvia (have undertaken research there as well as given talks on Management and Motivation)

My Passion And How I Inspire

Working as a tutor, I combine my passion for working with people with my passion for transmitting knowledge and helping people succeed. The key to unlocking success is simplifying knowledge and building quick wins to that the student becomes a self-motivating power-house of learning. Of course the tutor is important, but ultimately all learning is a DIY activity and much of what I do is inspire the student to go the extra mile, providing the tools iwith which they can do that.

Fun fact

I am the piano accompanist in a musical duo presenting the music of Edith Piaf!

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