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My Experience

I am a medical student at UCL with an international background. I have experienced both UK and US applications first-hand. My applications have been received and accepted into top institutions in both UK and US e.g. Ivy leagues. As a tutor, I have previously worked with students of all ages and ability levels. Here is a breakdown of my past tutoring and mentoring experiences:

University Admissions Counseling Tutor 2015-2016:
Reviewing medical personal statements for UCAS
Oxbridge medical interview practice
BMAT/ UKCAT Tutoring
US College Essay Writing Help
Worked with students aged 16-18

Tutoring Company HK 2015-2016:
IB higher level/ A level Biology tutoring
IB higher level/ A level Chemistry tutoring
iGCSE Edexcel Triple Sciences tutoring
SAT I Tutoring
English comprehension tutoring for secondary school admission

Previous private tutoring 2013-2015
iGCSE Biology Edexcel tutoring
iGCSE Chemistry Edexcel tutoring
iGCSE Physics Edexcel tutoring
English & Math to 7 and 11 year old
Mandarin to 5 year old

Head Girl Duties 2014-2015
Mentoring younger students y7-11

Summer English Camp for 5-7 year olds

Subjects I teach

Biology | up to A level/ IB Higher level
Chemistry | up to A level/ IB Higher level
Economics | up to A level/ IB Higher level
Mathematics | up to GCSE level
Physics | up to GCSE level

Admission tests | SAT I, SAT II Chemistry/Math, BMAT, UKCAT, Interview Coaching, Personal Statement Review

My Qualifications

University College London 2016 – 2022
MBBS Medicine, iBSC

International Baccalaureate IB 2015| 45/45 pts
Higher level: Biology, Chemistry, Economics | 7
Standard level: Chinese, Mathematics, English Literature | 7

iGCSE| 7A*, 4A*
Triple Sciences (Bio, Chem, Physics) | Edexcel
Mathematics | Cambridge
Additional Mathematics | Cambridge
Chinese | Cambridge
English Literature | Cambridge
English Language | Edexcel
Business Studies | AQA
Design Technology | AQA

Awards & Achievements
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize for Secondary Students (1 per school) 2015
IB Higher Level Biology Honor (top 1 student) 2015
High Distinction in Big Science Competition Australian Science Innovation 2014 (Top 5%)
Head Girl 2014-2015
Gold Award for UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2013

My Passion And How I Inspire

My approach to tuition depends on your needs. I understand that some of you will be looking for tutoring to achieve a specific grade, and some of you will be looking for tutoring to support your overall understanding about a subject. Starting from our first session and throughout our sessions together, I will make sure that we build an engaging and trusting relationship. Hopefully, you will be able to comfortably tell me what you might find difficult, or what you would like us to work on. The most productive lessons are those in which you have left either feeling more confident in your subject, or feeling as if you are one step closer to accomplishing your target.

Generally, if you are looking to achieve a certain exam result, I believe the best way for me to help you do this is to firstly teach methodically around the syllabus points. Once you are familiar with your entire syllabus, we will focus on strengthening weaker areas so that you are confident in all the subject material. Along with this, we will make sure you get as much exam practice that you need to attain the result you want!

If you are looking to improve your general understanding through tutoring, we will firstly establish your current understanding and interests within the subject. From there, we will spend sessions covering important topics to ensure you have a solid foundation of knowledge. As we identify topics you are more unfamiliar with, we will spend time learning that topic in much greater detail through discussion, exam questions, and other engaging activities.

If you are looking for university application counseling, I will support your application by making sure it demonstrates you to your biggest potential. I understand that each student will have an unique application, so I believe the best help I can give you is to encourage you to be critical of your own application, interview techniques etc. Through our sessions we will make sure you are confident that your application has accurately reflected your skills, talents, and achievements. In terms of admissions tests e.g. SAT, BMAT, UKCAT, I can help you by providing a guideline of each test and their requirements, exam technique tutorial, and exam practice.

With any tutor help you need, we will work towards the specific goals you want to achieve. My approach to tutoring is entirely student centered!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

Although I grew up in New Zealand, I can do a great Australian accent!

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