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    My Experience

    Since leaving secondary school I have tutored local children of all ages across a variety of subjects. Covering all GCSE sciences, A-level Maths and Physics, and KS3 maths and science. During my gap year I worked as a private Maths tutor and also volunteered at a local school, assisting with lunchtime help sessions. This past year I have been tutoring on a weekly basis, expanding the number of subjects to include both Chemistry and Biology. In addition to academic tutoring, I am also a qualified tennis and ski instructor.

    Subjects I teach

    Maths, A-Level
    Physics, A-Level
    Chemistry, A-Level
    Biology, GCSE
    Oxbridge Applications

    My Qualifications

    Undergraduate (University of Oxford):
    MEng Engineering Science – 1st class

    A-Level (Bristol Grammar School):
    Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics – A*, A*, A*, A

    GCSE (Bristol Grammar School):
    6 A*s, 4 As

    Yingxi Wang et al, “Dielectric Elastomer Fluid Pump of High Pressure and Large Volume Via Synergistic Snap-Through”, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Issue 9, 2018

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I am the eldest of five and have always enjoyed guiding my younger siblings and sharing in their exploration and discovery of the different environments we encountered in our childhood. I have volunteered in a number of educational settings including a primary school and a school for the deaf. I have worked as an independent tutor both privately and at my former school. I enjoyed all of these experiences immensely, in particular recognising the different needs of those I was teaching and varying my approach accordingly.

    My video Introduction

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