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    My Experience

    Helping others when assistance is needed has been a recurring theme throughout both my professional and private life. When I was younger, I would assist the children I was babysitting with their homework. After I graduated high school, I worked as an au pair in London for a year, for a family with four children aged 4-13 who I would help on a daily basis with their homework.

    When I returned to the Netherlands to start my LL.B., I continued tutor- ing – this time teaching undergraduate law courses and exam prepara- tion classes to other LL.B. students. Later on, I provided private tutor- ing to an 8-year-old, who was attending a Dutch primary school but who was not a native Dutch speaker. Furthermore, after finishing my M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, I assisted several of my classmates with their Master’s theses. Finally, now that I have started my MPhil/PhD studies, I hope to be able to teach several undergraduate law courses as well.

    Subjects I teach

    Law up to Undergraduate
    Dissertation Writing
    Public Speaking

    My Qualifications

    VWO (Pre-University Education) Athenaeum, Da Vinci College Leiden, NL
    LL.B., Utrecht University, NL
    LL.M. in Public International Law, Leiden University, NL
    M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University, SE MPhil/PhD (start September 2018), SOAS Law School, UK

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    The main advantage of private tuition is that classes can be completely tailored to and focused on the needs of the student. Not only do the re- quirements of the student shape the curriculum, but the tutor can dedi- cate their full attention to the individual student. This means that the tutor can track progress, identify hurdles and difficulties early on and can address them in a way that will help the student get back on track as soon as possible.
    This close monitoring of the student is the most important aspect of pri- vate tutoring for me. This also requires the creation of an environment in which the student feels sufficiently comfortable to express difficulties, anxieties and insecurities. This enables the tutor and student to work on effective solutions and approaches together, which promotes steady progress. The aim is not simply taking the student from A to B, but to work together to achieve the desired goals.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    As a child, I dreamt of becoming a comedian, but one of my classmates told me I had to be funny to be a comedian. So I decided to become an academic instead!

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