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    My Experience

    I have taught with several agencies for over 10 years, for the following subjects: Mathematics (all levels from A-Level to Postrgrad), Actuarial Exams (All Modules), Financial Maths (Undergrad to Postgrad). I have developed my own exam techniques for every subject and level that I teach, which ensure that students achieve the grades they want.

    Subjects I teach

    Actuarial exams: CM1, CM2, CB1, CB3, SP5, SP6, SA7;
    CFA exams: All levels;
    Maths: A-Level (Pure Maths/Further Maths), Undergraduate/Postgraduate;
    Engineering: Engineering Maths, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics;
    Financial Maths: Undergrad/postgrad
    Dissertations: Structure & Referencing, Proof Reading

    My Qualifications

    MSc Mathematical Trading & Finance from Cass Business School, where I was elected as Student Representative for my cohort and was on the Board of Studies with Senior Staff members. I also hold a BSc Mathematical Science and BEng Aeronautical Engineering, both from City University, London as well as the Certificate in Quantitative Finance from Fitch Learning.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My approach to tutoring is to quickly ascertain why and where a student is performing poorly. I then develop a bespoke study plan for the student taking into account their learning style and goals/objectives. I have found this method highly effective and my students always achieve the grades they want! I actively instill a passion for the chosen subject and encourage the student to perform at their highest level.

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