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    My Experience

    I have been teaching Physics, Mathematics and English since 2002. I used to be a full-time Physics and Math teacher at School level. In 2010, I began teaching Physics and Math at different universities. I am a full-time lecturer now living in Aylesbury. Out of my own interest, I began exploring the best possible method of teaching Physics, Math and IELTS and managed to develop my own teaching and learning methods; one hundred percent of my IELTS students have been successful scoring marks above 6. I have published several books in Physics.

    Subjects I teach

    Physics and Mechanics at all levels (including University)
    Mathematics at all levels (including University)
    English for those preparing for IELTS to enter universities.

    My Qualifications

    PhD in Engineering, Ulster University,
    Master’s in Physics, Tarbiat Modares University, First-class
    Bachelor Degree in Physics, First-class honours (1st)
    PgCHEP (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice), Ulster University

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Since my dad was a teacher, initially I got inspiration from him, and that developed into a love of Physics and Mathematics. I love Physics and Mathematics and give this love to my students. I love my students and treat them as my family members.

    Fun fact

    I make Physics and Maths fun!

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