Emmanuelle B

My Passion & How I Inspire

My aim as a private tutor is to understand the needs of my students, to clearly define learning objectives and to design stimulating activities to help them reach these goals.

I very much believe in the concept of active learning – whereby students are encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves thanks to a variety of exercises and techniques. In particular, I like to use concrete examples based on the news to facilitate the understanding of complex IR theories and concepts.

I am very attentive to the needs of my students and make sure to design my activities in a progressive and coherent manner: I first make sure that the basic ideas and concepts are fully understood before moving to more complex tasks and ideas. The development of academic skills is essential too: the activities are thus also designed to develop effective reading and excellent writing skills.

Finally, it is particularly important to me to create an environment conducive to learning, where understanding, trust and respect prevail.

My Experience

I have substantial teaching experience both in a classroom at university level and in one-to-one tutoring. I have taught European Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Analysis at the London School of Economics for three years in addition to intense summer courses for students from all kinds of backgrounds. In addition to that, I have also a solid experience in one-to-one tutoring: I used to tutor students who wished to learn French at a basic level, as well as students in international relations, who encountered difficulties in understanding complex concepts and in structuring their ideas in a coherent and critical manner.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Essay Writing
  • Essay Writing - A-Level
  • Essay Writing - Undergraduate
  • French
  • French - A-Level
  • French - Undergraduate
  • Hebrew
  • Hebrew - A-Level
  • Hebrew - Undergraduate
  • International Relations
  • International Relations - A-Level
  • International Relations - Undergraduate

My Qualifications

PhD candidate in International Relations at the London School of Economics (Awarded the LSE Full Scholarship)

Teaching Qualification accredited by the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) at Associate Level

M.A. in International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (I won the Carmon Prize for my M.A. thesis and the Pratt award for a paper in International Law)

B.A. in International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

French Baccalauréat (with honours and European Mention), Cité Scholaire Internationale, Lyon, France

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I am also a photographer and I once won a prize for the best picture in a contest organized by the French embassy!