Emma P

My Passion & How I Inspire

Building confidence, inspiring inquisitiveness and nurturing life-long skills lie at the centre of all my educational endeavours. I work with my clients to develop the skills they need to acquire and deploy knowledge in a given subject, as well as the know-how to resolve an aspect of a subject which is currently proving to be challenging. I am not interested in providing 'answers' but helping learners develop the means to find out the answers for themselves in independent study.

My Experience

I have over 10 years tutoring and teaching experience and have taught a wide gamut of ages, abilities and subjects in a variety of educational settings. My higher education teaching experience includes lecturing and providing one-on-one tutorials for a final-year paper in the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge and leading seminars for French courses at University College London. My tutoring experience includes:

– supporting preparation for public exams in English (Language and Literature), History, French and Latin;

– supporting university applications and providing coaching for interviews, including Oxbridge entrance;

– providing tailored support for independent research project development, including coursework at secondary level and dissertation work at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I am passionate about curriculum enrichment and widening participation. I have enjoyed working with Villiers Park Educational Trust over the past 5 years, working with sixth-formers based at state schools and colleges across England. I have devised and delivered French and English courses pitched at undergraduate level for the Trust. More recently, I have co-led ‘Thriving and Surviving’ courses which have included sessions on study skills, time management and budgeting.

Alongside my tutoring, I am building my own education technology venture called The Critical Literacy Project. My mission is to build an intelligent tool to empower the next generation with deep literacy skills in our mass (mis)information era.

I am passionate about equipping all of my students with the skills to become independent learners and researchers.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Interview Preparation
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation - Undergraduate
  • Dissertation - Postgraduate
  • Dissertation - Interview Preparation
  • Dissertation - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Essay Writing
  • Essay Writing - Undergraduate
  • Essay Writing - Postgraduate
  • Essay Writing - Interview Preparation
  • Essay Writing - Oxbridge Preparation
  • French
  • French - Undergraduate
  • French - Postgraduate
  • French - Interview Preparation
  • French - Oxbridge Preparation
  • History
  • History - Undergraduate
  • History - Postgraduate
  • History - Interview Preparation
  • History - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Latin
  • Latin - Undergraduate
  • Latin - Postgraduate
  • Latin - Interview Preparation
  • Latin - Oxbridge Preparation
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Speaking - Undergraduate
  • Public Speaking - Postgraduate
  • Public Speaking - Interview Preparation
  • Public Speaking - Oxbridge Preparation

My Qualifications

GCSEs: French, Latin, Music, History, German, Mathematics, English, English Literature, Religious Studies, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, – A*

A-Levels: French, Latin, Music, History – A

BA (Hons) French & Latin – High 2.i – University of Cambridge

MPhil (European Literature & culture) – Merit – University of Cambridge

PhD (French Studies) University College London. Passed viva with no corrections.

Whilst at school, I passed Grade 8 ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance, as well as Grade 8 singing (ABRSM) with merit.

My Reviews

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in preparing for my final exams – it really helped me out both in terms of specific feedback but also general morale boosting… You were exactly what I needed – accommodating, giving pithy advice and evidently cared how I took it on” – Final year History undergraduate

'...I would just like to say thank you so much for everything you have done. It really has helped my French and I couldn't be more grateful…' – A-Level French student

'...I got an an A* in Latin overall with 100/100 UMS in Latin Verse and 95/100 in Latin Prose. Thank you so much for all your help; it definitely made a big difference!' – A-Level Latin student

Fun fact

I once served soup to Mr Bean!