Emma H

My Passion & How I Inspire

I am a strong believer in encouraging independent and autonomous learners in preparation for further learning, whether at University or in the real world. Research has affirmed that autonomous learning methods produce higher achieving students, not only within the classroom, but beyond. I aim to provide students with the skills they need to approach literature and language at any level, ensuring that tutees have the tools they need to unlock texts and analyse language. This practice is profoundly valuable. Rather than simply ‘spoon-feeding’ students with answers, I equip them with the skills and devices necessary to formulate understanding and answers for themselves. Developing such practices ensures these skills can be extended to all manner of literature and writing. I use a variety of language games to improve literacy and writing skills, as well as using prompt-questions to encourage autonomous thinking. When teaching literature I work hard to develop contextual understanding whilst working hard to develop inference techniques to enhance the student’s ability to interpret further meaning.

As well as encouraging independent learners, I also believe that lessons should be made culturally relevant for young people. Where appropriate, I try to draw on student’s existing funds of knowledge and cultural interests to make lessons engaging for individuals. In schools, education cannot be personalised to exactly meet an individual’s needs and interests. However, private tutoring caters perfectly for this and I am to create personally tailored lessons that students will find relevant and appealing.

Being a Newly Qualified Teacher, I have a sound knowledge of the major exam boards and the assessment criteria for students aged 11+ to 18. I am therefore extremely sensible of the hoops through which pupils need to jump to achieve high grades and have considerable experience teaching to particular assessments. I am able to tutor students for the purpose of reaching high levels of achievement and perhaps encouraging engagement with English beyond the curriculum if this is desired for University interviews.

In summary, I have a lively and enthusiastic approach to tutoring. I always aim to produce interesting and enjoyable lessons whilst ensuring that all academics needs are met.

My Experience

Currently in a full time teaching placement in an Oxfordshire Secondary School, undertaking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in English at the University of Oxford, Department of Education.

I teach students ranging from 11+ to 18, from KS3 to A-level.

I devise engaging and interesting methods of accessing literature and language, designing lessons aimed to stretch student ability, provoke questions and stimulate curious minds.

I have experience working individually with students in a one-to-one capacity within schools in additional literacy support programmes.

I have been tutoring students privately for the past years in summer vacations whilst completing my Degree and Masters at University.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - GCSE
  • English - 11+
  • Media Studies
  • Media Studies - A-Level
  • Media Studies - GCSE
  • Media Studies - 11+

My Qualifications

4 A*’s, 5 A’s, 2 B’s at GCSE


2:1 BA Hons English, University of Exeter

Masters with Merit, University of Birmingham

PGCE (Masters), University of Oxford

My Reviews

“Lessons are always different and varied”

“Emma has been a lively and enthusiastic tutor who really bought English alive for my disillusioned teenager”

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I own 5 cats and am constantly on the look out to buy more!