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My Experience

Currently, I am working as a primary school teacher working in Year 5. I completed my PGCE two years ago with the Institute of Education, UCL.

I have been with Tavistock Tutors since 2015 and have tutored students in a range of historical topics ranging from GCSE level to A-Level. I have also experience tutoring English and History prior to coming to Tavistock Tutors. I formulate my own lesson plans that are tailored to my students’ specific needs and their school curriculum. I ensure that each lesson is engaging and active to help my student enjoy their studies and retain the information better.

In addition to my tutoring work in History and English I have also worked as a private tutor teaching English as a second language whilst studying abroad in Italy. I worked with one pupil of primary school age, helping him understand the English language, focusing on keywords, sentence structures and grammar.

I also have a lot of experience in volunteer work with children. I worked as a Scouts Youth Leader whilst studying for my A-levels, where I would lead groups of 10-15 primary school-aged children in educational activities and outdoor fun. I also volunteered at the London Canal Museum and helped run their educational activity days for groups of local children.

Subjects I teach

History, up to and including A-Level
English Literature, up to and including A-Level
KS1, KS2 and 11+ tutoring

My Qualifications

I attended Mill Hill County High School from 2005-2012, studying my A-levels from 2010-2012. For my A-Levels I studied Politics (A), English Literature (A*) and History (A*). Whilst at secondary school I was promoted to the position of senior prefect and I volunteered as a mentor with SEN pupils.

I then went on to achieve a first class BA Honors degree in History from the University of Warwick in 2015. During my second year of university I was elected Marketing executive for the Warwick Medieval Academic Society. In this role I helped run the academic society and publicised the lectures that we organised.

I completed my PGCE at the Institute of Education in 2016.

My Passion And How I Inspire

I am very passionate about education and I believe one-to-one private tutoring can be immensely helpful for every student. It needs to be recognised that every student learns at a different pace and each responds to different learning techniques, and I believe private tutoring allows those needs to be addressed. No two students are the same, which is why my approach to tuition is tailored to each individual pupil, focusing on their areas of weakness and helping them to improve and be the best that they can. This allows me to design a well-structured and relevant lesson plan whilst also allowing the lesson to be interactive and engaging. I believe that educational activities and engaging lessons allow students to not only enjoy learning but also develop their skills and knowledge faster.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I recently visited Vietnam where I rode a motorbike over a floating bridge and swam through an underground lake in complete darkness!

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