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    My Experience

    I have taught law in UK universities since 1998 at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and have researched extensively and published (a textbook and law articles) in different law disciplines. My works have been cited by academic writers in their publications.

    I have been a module leader for most of the modules that I have taught over the years. It goes without saying that as a module leader, I have gained significant experience in module design and development, setting and marking examination papers and dissertations, team leadership, etc.

    I am a PhD supervisor and have supervised to completion. I have also chaired PhD viva voce examinations.

    I am research active and to foster my research interest, I have attended and presented papers at research conferences both in the UK and abroad over the past fifteen years.

    Whether you are looking for help to pass your exams or help with your essays or knowledge acquisition, look no further, as my teaching, research and academic writing experience have provided me with the necessary skills to meet your needs.

    Subjects I teach

    Company Law
    Jurisprudence/ Legal Theory
    English Legal System
    Contract Law
    Business Law
    LPC – Business Law and Practice
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    PhD Supervisor

    My Qualifications

    LLM in European and International Trade Law
    MPhil in Banking Law
    CPE (GDL)
    Diploma in Freelance Journalism

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My approach is ‘learner-focused’ and is defined by the following simple goal: “take you from where you are to where you want to be”.

    We will work together and you will help me to achieve this goal by identifying the areas that you need help with including your strengths and weaknesses.

    My approach will be tailored to meet your needs and institutional requirements, in order to help you pass your examination or assessment where applicable.

    My motto to help you succeed in law is, 3Rs: “read, research and reason.” If you want to succeed in law, you must remember the 3Rs at all times.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    A graduate once mistook me for the vice chancellor at the graduation ceremony as my robes were probably one of the most conspicuous on stage. I said, “Sorry, I am just one of the lecturers.”

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