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    My Experience

    I have taught as a classroom assistant in a Spanish speaking summer school in Ecuador. Some children were as young as 4 and others up to 19 years. They required help with basic maths and English, and development of study skills and structuring of written work and essays.

    Whilst studying in Spain, I worked as an English language tutor for a masters student studying engineering. Learning was directed at developing strategies to emphasise what was known rather than what was not, and in overcoming difficulties with technical communication.

    Subjects I teach

    Maths up to A-Level
    Chemistry GCSE
    History GCSE
    Physics GCSE
    Spanish GCSE, Conversational practice
    Medical School Entry Examination GAMSAT
    Medical School Applications

    My Qualifications

    2015 – 2019 MBBS Medicine Graduate Entry Programme, St. George’s, University of London
    2009 – 2013 BSc Mathematics with Spanish, The University of Manchester
    2011 – 2012 European Erasmus Exchange, The University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
    A Levels: Mathematics A, History A, Spanish B. AS Levels: Chemistry B
    Academic Scholarship, Gresham’s Senior School
    Prefect, Gresham’s Senior School

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Often so much emphasis is placed on examinations, that students tackle questions in a pre-set format, without understanding the process behind what they are doing. This leads to students become disinterested and disheartened by what can appear to be impenetrable subjects.
    My goal is to make lessons enjoyable and effortless for students, and impart skills that will foster good learning habits for their future.

    My focus is to engage students with what is often considered an incredibly dense subject, and show them that it can very interesting and enjoyable.
    My diverse background means that whether you are scientifically minded or not, I will help you to develop the understanding and tools with which to approach any problems, in a way that best suits you.

    Having the ideas and understanding is one thing, but efficiently and effectively communicating them is another. I encourage students to construct their own arguments, whilst developing a structure, which saw me achieve 100% in some of my examinations.

    From solidifying basic understanding to grasping the use of complex grammatical phases, I will help students explore both the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world, enriching their learning and fostering excellence.

    Standing out in a vast field of high achieving candidates can seem impossible, however there are simple steps to give yourself the edge over others.
    My experiences from successful application, to working with admissions teams and crucially as a medical student myself, give me an excellent framework for planning and executing a successful application.

    Fun fact

    I have worked from the jungles of Bolivia with Jaguars and Pumas in animal conservation, to southern Spain’s Plaza de Toros filming documentaries on Bullfighting!

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