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    My Experience

    I first started tutoring during my gap year in Beijing in 2011 after graduating from high school. There, I would tutor French to Chinese students in exchange for them helping me practice my Mandarin for the same amount of hours. The level of my Chinese students varied, which required me to vary my tutoring approaches. My methodology relies on assessing the level of the students as well as their objectives prior to adopting an interactive approach to tutoring, by frequently repeating various points learned throughout the lesson. I would then test them regularly on vocabulary, points of grammar and conjugation.

    It is important for me to insist on speaking French during most of the tutoring class for those students who have an adequate level of French, with a view to creating a practical interest in the language by referring to songs and movies embedded in French culture. This highlights the practical use of French to the students which also making the language more appealing to them.

    My second experience of tutoring took place while I was at university. I would tutor some of my peers who had taken Law and French as their Bachelors Degree. The difference with my first experience as a tutor was that their level was higher than those students which I tutored in China which required me to ensure that the specific vocabulary which fit within their academic curriculum would be learned throughout the lesson.

    Subjects I teach

    French: Beginner, GCSE, A-Level, Intermediate, Conversational
    Law: A-Level, Undergraduate

    My Qualifications

    High School: Ganenou (Belgium)

    Undergraduate Degree: The University of Sheffield University – LLB Merit

    Masters Degree: King’s College London – Law and Intellectual Property Merit

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I seek to adopt a way of teaching which is both patient and suits the objectives and needs of my students. As I have myself been a tutee in the past, I know that it may sometimes be difficult to ask the same question more than twice, which is why I always insist that any question is valid, regardless of how many times it has been asked. In parallel, I try to speak in the language which I teach as much as possible to immerse the student and make the session as practical as possible. For the same reasons, I like to advise my students to refer to films, songs or literature and connect it with their interests where possible.

    As I thoroughly enjoy teaching, I equally believe that learning can also be an enjoyable experience once it’s been approached from a creative perspective.

    Fun fact

    I absolutely LOVE languages. In fact, I speak 5 languages fluently, including Hebrew and Mandarin!

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