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    My Experience

    3 years of tutoring experience, one on one and Skype tutoring
    I have experience in prepping students for both OCR and Edexcel exam boards
    11+ Mathematics for entry into Godolphin School
    13+ Mathematics and Sciences for entry into Westminster School and UCS
    GCSE Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for students at UCS
    A-Level students in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for students at UCS
    UCAS and Personal Statement advice to prospective Biology students who later on gained a place at Imperial College London

    Subjects I teach

    Biology up to A-Level
    Mathematics up to A-Level
    Chemistry up to A-Level
    Physics up to GCSE
    UCAS and Personal Statement

    My Qualifications

    Westminster School:
    7A*’s, 3A’s (GCSE)
    3A’s (A-level)
    Chief Editor of the science magazine ‘Hooke’

    Imperial College London:
    High 2.1 BSc (Biology)
    Chief Welfare Officer for the Royal College of Science Union

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My teaching method involves assessing the needs of individual pupils. Every pupil has a different approach to learning and revising, so it’s crucial that the student feels comfortable during each session. I integrate their hobbies into my teaching method to make it an enjoyable experience. At the end of each lesson, I make sure my tutee is 100% confident in their ability to explain the core principles independently. I create active channels of communication between myself, the parents and the student, to make sure everyone knows the level at which he/she is progressing.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    In my spare time, I write articles for the ‘Science Nutshell’ website. Have a read!

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