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    My Experience

    In Mexico City:

    • Private Maths and Physics tutor. My clients consisted mostly of secondary and high school students, but also ones pursuing undergraduate studies in Engineering and Physics. Demanded topics included: Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics and basic Financial Maths.

    • Teaching Assistant (TA) at the Faculty of Economics in the National University of Mexico supporting the following modules: Mathematics I and II (Pre-calculus), and Quantitative Methods (Matrix Algebra and basic Statistics.)

    During my time in London:

    • TA at the School of Mathematical Sciences (QMUL) for undergraduate modules such as Calculus I and II, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Sets and Logic, Differential Equations, Complex Variables and Relativity.

    • TA for the QMUL Foundation Programme focused on elements of Geometry and Pre-calculus.

    • Private tutoring: exam-preparation for Relativity (QMUL) and Differential Geometry (U. of Leeds.)

    • Volunteer tutor supporting GCSE-level students at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.

    Subjects I teach

    Maths and Physics: Up to undergraduate level.

    My Qualifications

    • Education:
    PhD in Mathematics, Queen Mary University of London
    MSc in Astrophysics (Distinction), National University of Mexico
    BSc in Physics (1st class), National University of Mexico

    • Publications:
    Published 5 technical research articles in high-impact scientific journals in the area of General Relativity (one of which was selected as a highlight of the month), and 1 outreach article in the Chalkdust magazine published by UCL.

    • Talks:
    I have given 7 talks at national (London, Portsmouth) and international (Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico) conferences specialised in Relativity and Astrophysics.

    • Awards:
    1st prize for the best Mexican Bachelor thesis in Astronomy during the period 2012-2013.
    Full Masters scholarship (£8,000.)
    Full PhD scholarship for abroad studies (£90,000.)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I discovered my passion for teaching in high school after realising how much I liked explaining the solutions to problems and exercises to my friends; I especially enjoyed the moment they suddenly were able to solve them on their own! Since then, I take every opportunity I have to teach and share my knowledge.

    My approach to teaching consists in first making sure the student understands the problem; this is usually one of the biggest obstacles! This is a key step as it can make evident that some basic concepts have not been completely grabbed. Once the question is clear, relevant tools and techniques are brought as the application of a simple formula is often not enough. All mathematical steps are then carefully performed and explained, leaving no doubt to where the results came from. Finally, when the solution is found, I encourage students to be critical and ask themselves whether it looks sensible or not; this check can potentially detect some mistakes in the procedure.

    I acknowledge that each student has particular necessities and abilities: some may need to review the material while others prefer to focus on problem-solving strategies. Nevertheless, I always encourage students to work independently and find alternative routes.

    Fun fact

    You can find me training for a half marathon or in vinyl stores looking for rare electronic music records.

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