My Passion & How I Inspire

As a polyglot, I am extremely passionate about language learning, one of my favourite hobbies. My considerable experience as a learner means I know common pitfalls and difficulties for students, as well as how to explain these and break them down in simple terms.

My teaching style therefore revolves around enthusing my student by transmitting my passion for languages to them. I believe that, if a student sees the advantages of learning languages, whether this is communicating with foreign people or getting to know literature in a different language, they will start to learn proactively and so improve faster.

However, I do also have high standards. There are some language learning techniques that are more efficient than others and, given my experience, I’d like to think I’m well placed to know them!

My Experience

I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor.

I have taught French, Italian, Spanish and English to various levels, usually A-Levels or GCSE. However, I have also taught other subjects such as English as a Foreign Language, English Language/Literature and Maths.

A long-term student of mine recently achieved an A* in her French GCSE under my guidance, after being predicted an A.

A student who I tutored in Spanish also achieved an A* and A in his writing and speaking exams at GCSE, starting from a much lower level.

My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

I have also taught French IB at a school in Mumbai, India for two months in 2011 to students aged from 13 to 18, despite being only 19 at the time myself. This was both a very rewarding experience and a successful one, as I was promoted to being a fully-fledged teacher after 2 weeks and presented with an impromptu pay cheque. I was also invited to come back and teach whenever I wanted.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English Foreign Language
  • ACT
  • ACT - A-Level
  • ACT - GCSE
  • ACT - Undergraduate
  • ACT - SAT
  • ACT - 11+
  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - GCSE
  • English - Undergraduate
  • English - SAT
  • English - 11+
  • French
  • French - A-Level
  • French - GCSE
  • French - Undergraduate
  • French - SAT
  • French - 11+
  • German
  • German - A-Level
  • German - GCSE
  • German - Undergraduate
  • German - SAT
  • German - 11+
  • Italian
  • Italian - A-Level
  • Italian - GCSE
  • Italian - Undergraduate
  • Italian - SAT
  • Italian - 11+
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - Undergraduate
  • Maths - SAT
  • Maths - 11+
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese - A-Level
  • Portuguese - GCSE
  • Portuguese - Undergraduate
  • Portuguese - SAT
  • Portuguese - 11+
  • Russian
  • Russian - A-Level
  • Russian - GCSE
  • Russian - Undergraduate
  • Russian - SAT
  • Russian - 11+
  • Spanish
  • Spanish - A-Level
  • Spanish - GCSE
  • Spanish - Undergraduate
  • Spanish - SAT
  • Spanish - 11+

My Qualifications

2005-2010 St. Paul’s School, London - A Levels: Italian A*, Maths A*, French A, Economics A, Further Maths A at AS Level

GCSEs: 11 A*s including English Language A*, English Literature A*, French A*, Italian A*, German A*, Latin A*, Ancient Greek A*, Maths A*

2011-2015 Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, 2.1 in MA Hons degree in French and Italian

2016-2017 University of Westminster, 2.1 in MA degree in Translation and Interpreting

Top 10 in the country Merit List holder for Italian GCSE result

Won Exhibition Award for my first year results in French and Italian at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

Spent my 3rd year of University studying abroad at La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. I opted to study Russian (in lessons taught in Italian) and achieved 100% marks in my Russian writing and speaking exams.

My languages and their levels according to the Common European Framework:

English – Native

Italian – C2(++)

French – C2 (+)

Spanish – C2

Portuguese – C2

Hindi – B1/B2 in Speaking and Listening (native language of my parents)

Romanian – B2

German – B1

Mandarin – B1 in Speaking and Listening

Russian – B1

Hungarian – A2

Modern Greek – A1/A2

Esperanto – A1/A2

My Reviews

Dr Hugues Azerad, Lecturer in French, Director of Studies, Magdalene College, Cambridge University:

“ I have known Dhananjay for 4 years, in my capacity as College Lecturer and Language coordinator in the Faculty, and it is with great pleasure that I am recommending this exceptional linguist to you. Dhananjay is one of the most gifted students I have ever taught in 22 years at Cambridge University; his capacity to learn, understand and apply new languages, cultures and linguistic structures is simply phenomenal. His essays, presentations and general attitude to learning was always an inspiration for the other linguists and often for myself and his other Lecturers. Dhananjay has been a top Cambridge student, as he was an illustrious A level student, and his potentials are exceptional. Dhananjay is endowed with a capacity to analyse, synthesise incredibly complex structures, and there is nothing he enjoys more than a tough challenge: he will find a solution to any problem, however long it will take. His level of competency nearly matches that of fellow lecturers."

Standard Chartered Bank: ZC, Manager (after 3 week placement):

“Dhananjay, I wanted to thank you for this (task) and, moreover, for your excellent attitude and work whilst you were with us. Best wishes of the future. You will do very well if you continue on the same track."

Emmanouela Patiniotaki, University College London, Lecturer in Translation and Technology, who taught the Intensive Summer Course in Translation Technology at University College London that I attended in August 2016:

“Dhananjay attended the course during the academic year 2015-2016 and his performance, based on in-class activities, homework and collaboration with his colleagues, was excellent…As a student at the course, Dhananjay found a new passion in life through translation…Based on his achievements in the course, I consider Dhananjay to be a responsible student, dedicated to the field, eager to learn and collaborate with others.”

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I speak 15 (fifteen) languages to various levels. But don’t worry if you’re concerned that I’m falling behind as I’m always adding more!

I am also a very passionate Manchester United fan, to the point where when Manchester United were winning the title with 3 minutes to go in May 2012 I got so excited that I changed my Facebook status celebrating our title victory in front of my friends, only for Man City to score 2 goals in 3 minutes to pip us to the title and leave me feeling very humiliated and embarrassed!