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Denise M

I'm here to inspire you.

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My Experience

I am a teacher of Chemistry and Biology and MA Science Education. I have many years of experience teaching science, chemistry and biology in both schools and private lessons in Chile. Also, I have worked in universities in Chile. Specifically, teaching both general and organic chemistry in a laboratory context. In the UK I have worked invigilating GCSE exams and also, I worked as a student ambassador in UCL opens days.

January 2015- Nowadays: Student ambassador, UCL-Institute of Education, London, UK

October 2015- February 2016: Exam invigilation, Gladesmore Community School, London, UK

March 2010-July 2014: Teaching Assistant in Lab of Organic Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas

March 2010- July 2014: Teacher of Chemistry and Biology in both primary and secondary schools in Chile Colegio Marambio and Alonso de Ercilla

March 2008- December 2010: Teaching assistant in Lab of General Chemistry, University of Santiago of Chile

Subjects I teach

Chemistry up to undergraduate level
Biology up to undergraduate level
Science up to GCSE
Spanish up to A- level
Portuguese up to GCSE
Sustainability up to undergraduate
Qualitative research up to postgraduate
Education up to undergraduate

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Education with a major in Chemistry and Biology (1st Class Honours), University of Santiago of Chile
MA Science Education, University College London
PhD candidate, University College London

Becas Chile-Conicyt (Academic merit)- 2015
Government Scholarship to study PhD in Education in London

Becas Chile-Conicyt (Academic Merit)- 2014
Government Scholarship to study a MA Science Education in London

First class in the ranking of the class of 2006- 2010
Bachelor of Education with a major in Chemistry and Biology
Chemistry and Biology teacher

Scholarship from the Zanlungo Foundation- 2009 and 2010
Scholarship given for academic merit

“Chemistry in the service of sustainable development”- 2007
V International Conference for teaching of Chemistry
Participation by academic merit

Scholarship “Aurora Italia”- 2007
Benefit for students of education bachelor, for academic merit

My Passion And How I Inspire

Communication is an essential aspect of the learning process. To know both students’ expectations and their approaches to learning are fundamental to support them for getting their goal. The first thing I do as a tutor is to talk with my students what aspects they want to improve or learn more about. Secondly, it is important to find out her/his approach for studying. Sometimes, students have not found their best approach for learning. Sometimes, they recognise to study a lot for an exam but do not get the grade they expected. So, it is fundamental to support students to discover which approach of learning is the best for them. It is to support them to use studying time efficiently. Finally, I try to develop an interactive lesson, in which the student has an active role, questioning and thinking critically about what she/he is learning.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

When I am with my friends, I try to explain how every phenomenon happen around us. But my friends then remind me that I am not in a classroom!

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