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    My Experience

    Art History of 20thC, 2 years, Undergraduate, College of Fine Art Sydney
    Art History/Cultural Studies, 20thC, 2 year undergraduates, Goldsmiths College, London
    Essay writing Undergraduates, MA and 1 artist/theory PHD
    Essay Writing Private tutoring, Colleges of Advanced Education, including, English Literature, Textiles, Social Work.

    Subjects I teach

    History of Art Undergraduate and MA – Includes approaches via cultural studies/visual culture
    Essay Writing Undergraduate and MA

    My Qualifications

    BA Monash University, Melbourne
    Publishing history as essayist and critic of Contemporary Art in art journals, magazines and books (e.g. Contemporary art and Anthropology, Publ. Berg, Oxford)
    Curator and catalogue editor of international exhibitions of contemporary Art.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a study of Art of the 20thC requires more than ‘visual’ engagement I establish the students expectations: in relation to their understanding of the subject matter and where their interests are in relation to their course – consider students’ thoughts on previous essay writing and reading list to date. Aim to open out the more simulating aspects of the subject, involving close reading of texts and works of art: involvement and confidence. This dialogue, along with reading, is the generative aspect of the tutorial: concerned to connect ideas and argument to effective, rewarding reading and writing while meeting – or exceeding – the expectations and requirements of their course.

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