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    My Experience

    I completed a 4 week paid teaching internship in a secondary school, teaching science to key stage 4 students in the summer of 2018. I currently teach/ demonstarate a labratory course to second year undergraduate students at Imperial College London which involves demonstrating the experiment, answering any questions during the lab and marking the students work. I also currently tutor A-level Physics and GCSE Science and Maths.

    Subjects I teach

    Undergraduate – Physics
    A-Level – Physics
    GCSE – Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology
    13 + Science and Maths
    11 + Science and Maths

    My Qualifications

    Imperial College London – PhD in Physics (currently studying)
    University of Leeds – MSci Physics – 1st class
    University of Leeds – BSc Physics – 1st class

    My International Placements

    I have worked at a national research facility in Julich, Germany as part of an ongoing collaboration with my PhD project as well as the Microsoft lab in Copenhagen.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I always enjoyed Physics and Maths during school so it was an obvious choice for me to study it at University. During my time at University, my love for Physics grew even stronger, especially the research side of the subject so again it was an obvious choice to go on and study a PhD in which I collobarate with large companies such as Microsoft trying to deliver quantum technologies.
    I find teaching very rewarding and have taught at every possible opportunity throughout my time as a Physics student and enjoy seeing students make progress as a result of my tutoring.
    I believe my passion for Science and maths alongside the current cutting edge research I undertake puts me in a good position to inspire students of the Physical sciences.

    Fun fact

    SInce the start of 2020 I have been for a run on the Thames every single day.

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