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    My Experience

    I have experience of both face-to-face and online tutoring in my chosen subjects, and I’m proud to have worked with a wide variety of students. They have ranged in age – from primary school to A Level – and in their goals – from attempting to pass the course to trying to get the top mark. This has given me great opportunity to adapt my teaching style to individual students and to make my lessons as personalised as possible.
    I’ve got experience in reviewing prospective medical students’ university applications, and I’ve given medical school admission help in the form of lectures and small group work at my previous college.
    I have also delivered group tutorials in immunology to first year medical students in my rowing club.

    Subjects I teach

    Pre-Clinical Medicine/Biomedical Sciences undergraduate
    Biology, Chemistry and English Literature up to A Level
    Polish up to A Level
    Medical school admission, e.g. personal statement, interview preparation

    My Qualifications

    – I’m currently a 5th year medical student at UCL Medical School
    – I’ve obtained a first class bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences with Immunology, Infection & Cell Pathology as part of my medical degree

    – A Level: Biology A*, Polish A*, Chemistry A, English Literature A
    – AS Level: German A

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I always loved explaining tricky concepts to my classmates in school lessons partly because I found that if I could explain it, it meant my own understanding was solid. As I got older, I turned this interest into formal tutoring.
    What I enjoy most is enabling the student to identify and work on their goals then watching as they gain confidence and achieve them. Being part of someone’s learning journey is very motivating.

    Fun fact

    I spent some time in the summer of 2014 teaching at a school in Kenya.

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