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    My Experience

    Whilst studying my A-Levels I mentored a younger student in Mathematics and helped raise his grade a whole level.
    During my masters year I gave seminars to first and second year undergraduate mathematics.
    Throughout PhD have been a Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergraduate mathematics.

    Subjects I teach

    Mathematics up to Undergraduate
    Physics up to A level

    My Qualifications

    11 GCSEs
    A Levels in Mathematics, Physics and Drama
    AS Levels in Further Mathematics and Music
    MMath Master of Mathematics 1st Class Honours (University of Sheffield)
    PhD Mathematics Research (currently finishing)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My teaching style isn’t about rote learning but by introducing and problem or method through an example then attempting to take the student through the solution with leading questions or by suggesting a new way of thinking about it. Creating a way in which the student uses their own knowledge or can clearly make their own connections from what they have learnt to how it can be used. Of course this may not work first time round and runs the risk of over repeating so using a wide range of examples and not being scared to come back to the problem later with fresh eyes is part of the challenge and joy of sharing knowledge through teaching.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have played Ultimate Frisbee for 7 years and represented Great Britain doing so!

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