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    My Experience

    I have been working as a tutor and writer for the last 5 years. In that time I have tutored both A level and undergraduate students in Philosophy, History and English Literature both in one-to-one tutorials and in seminar workshops. More recently, I have also tutored a number of students in the US for university entrance exams, in particular the GRE and GMAT.

    In my professional life I have worked as an editor for a major publishing house, a copywriter, and currently work in the University of London mentoring postgraduate students in the humanities. I have 4+ years of experience invigilating secondary school and university level examinations.

    I am also a published journalist, poet, author, and peer-reviewed academic, who has been invited to speak at several international academic conferences.

    Subjects I teach

    Philosophy, History, English: all levels up to undergraduate level
    Maths and Sciences: up to GCSE
    Verbal and Mathematics components of the SAT, SAT-2 (Subject Tests), GRE, GMAT
    Personal Statement

    My Qualifications

    MA Modern European Philosophy, CRMEP Kingston (Distinction)
    MPhil Film Theory and History, Trinity College Dublin (II.i)
    BA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Leeds (II.i)

    A Levels: Film Studies (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (B) (A represents the highest achievable grade at the time)
    AS Levels: Maths, Further Maths

    GCSEs: 10 Subjects, all A* to B incl. Science Double Award (A*A*), Maths (A), English Literature (A), English Language (A), History (A)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My first rule when approaching a tutoring job is creating an environment in which the student feels comfortable and where we can build a trusting relationship. Trust is not only vital for ensuring a student feels able to freely discuss areas of their work which they think they need to improve on, it is vital for unlocking a student’s potential and building confidence.

    In my time teaching students at A level and undergraduate level, I have found that, beyond trust, the other key factor is the ability to adapt my methods to each individual student’s needs. Being able to bring different approaches to a problem is hugely important for developing a student’s critical capabilities and teaching advanced methods for argument construction.

    Training students for exams, particularly standardised tests in the UK or US, comes down to two things: strategy and practice. I use a combination of well-defined methods and exam strategies which, once mastered, and used alongside a solid practice regime, have proven successful on a number of occasions.

    Teaching is always a two-way process and I am always amazed about the things I learn from my students. For me, this feeling of learning together, and the transformation you see when a student finds new confidence, are the two most rewarding things about being a tutor.

    Fun fact

    I am a published poet and author. Ask me how creative practices can improve critical thinking and even exam performance.

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