My Passion & How I Inspire

On the tutoring side, I have successfully prepared hundreds of students for GCSE, A Levels, IB and University entry exams, some of them for entrance into top Universities and/or MBA Programs such as Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford.

I am proud to have achieved some absolutely spectacular students’ turnarounds.

What I feel I am especially good at, is the way I make my students understand learn and apply math logically, by breaking down for them the difficult concepts in smaller parts, easier to “swallow”.

I instantaneously adapt to their current level, by asking the right questions and giving the right examples and pieces of information (not just merely explaining “how to”), give them a series of thoughtful little “pushes”, thoughtful examples, and counterexamples, “build” small “bridges” of knowledge for them to safely jump to the next difficulty level, let them reason and use their brain fully to discover the formulas and the way to solving the problems themselves (with my help).This way they feel active participants, have personal satisfactions in success, memorize easier, and have much more fun in the process, especially when work is seasoned with a bit of humor.

My Experience

Achieved the highest GMAT Quant Score ever recorded, worldwide.

Achieved 99 percentile scores in standard examinations, such as GRE Quant 170, GMAT Quant 51, IR 8 (maximum)

Ranked 3rd and 4th in National University Admission Examinations.

Successfully prepared hundreds of Students for University entry exams, some of them for entrance into top Universities and/or MBA , PhD Programs such as Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford, some of them achieving max score (7/7 IB Higher Level)

Achieved spectacular turnarounds (from F to A in math, from 1/7 to 7/7 in IB Higher Level, from 12 to 41, or from 29 to 48 GMAT Quant).

GMAT Private Tutor, London, UK, 2014-

GRE Instructor, London, UK, 2014

GMAT Private Tutor , London, UK, 2013-

Math Private Tutor (full time), London, UK 2014 –

Math Private Tutor (full time), London, UK 2014 –

Math Private Tutor (full time), Amsterdam, NL, 2011 - 2013

Math Private Tutor (part time), Vancouver, CA, 1998 – 2011

Math Teacher (full time), Economic High School, RO, 1991-1995

Subjects That I Teach

  • GMAT
  • GRE

My Qualifications

B.Sc. Degree; Major: Mathematics/Engineering

My Reviews

"I worked with Dan to prepare for the quantitative reasoning portion of the GRE. I had previously struggled with standardized testing in high school, especially the math portions. However, with Dan’s help I was able to achieve a verbal reasoning score competitive enough to apply to ivy-league programs. Dan is the type of tutor you want when you have a limited time to study for the GRE, but want big results. He knows all types and levels of math better than anyone I have ever met, and knows the GRE and GMAT inside and out. Best of all, has the gift of explaining his understanding of concepts in a way that is clear and concise. Dan, in the best way, is also tough. He will force you to push past what you thought you were previously capable of and tackle the GRE, thus allowing you to get better results than you ever thought possible. I would highly recommend Dan as a tutor for the GRE for anyone looking to improve their score no matter their current ability or timeframe."

Fun fact

Math. Yes, it could be fun!