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    My Experience

    Currently tutoring a pupil for the Harrodian School/13+ Entrance Examinations
    A-Level and GCSE Chemistry Tutoring
    One year of A-Level French guidance and tuition
    Four years of teaching beginners to advanced level Swimming


    (A-Level Chemistry tuition): “Connor was extremely patient and helpful when helping me with topics I found very difficult in Chemistry. I managed to improve from a Grade U to a Grade B and succeeded in my offer to study in King’s College London that year! Thank-you!”

    Subjects I teach

    Chemistry A-Level
    French A-Level
    German A-Level
    Maths GCSE
    Science GCSE
    English as a foreign language

    My Qualifications

    2A*3A Advanced Level
    10A*s 1A GCSE
    (predicted) II;1 degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I realised at an earlier age, during my sporting career, that I had a real talent for interacting with and motivating my peers through many rich experiences gained by teaching swimming to younger members in my club for over four years. From this, I firmly believe in the vital importance of motivating the pupil and raising his or her self-confidence. I achieve this through ‘pep-talks’ before, during and after classes, paying close attention to and being sensitive towards how the pupil reacts to new levels of pressure and simplifying dilemmas when it is obvious the tutee is struggling. Only when a child or young person believes in themselves will they reach their full potential. These are principles I always treat with respect and importance when tutoring. So far, I have had great success with these techniques and wish to continue down this path.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I visited mainland Europe, Africa and the Middle East all in one month over the summer!

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