Christopher W

My Passion & How I Inspire

I bring a huge amount of enthusiasm to every lesson. This is because I care very deeply for the subjects I teach and want more people to study them to a higher level - especially those two (supposedly) dead languages! Opening my students’ minds to the depth, range and relevance of their subjects is hence one of my first priorities. I don’t want my students just to do well in exams; I want them to understand why humanities subjects can help them in their wider lives beyond the exam hall. A motivated student is far more likely to be a successful student.

This is not to say that it’s all about passion, however. Getting into top schools and universities requires top grades, and to get top grades students need to know what is being required of them in the exam. I specialise in exam technique and in troubleshooting areas in need of improvement. Often with essay-based subjects like English Literature, the top marks are available to those with a clear, well-organised writing style. You can develop this style only with lots and lots of practice! It can be tough work, but if they’re motivated, I’m willing to push my students to the best they can achieve.

My Experience

English Language Teacher at Kaplan International English in Covent Garden.

- I have experience teaching English Language to students from all over the world, at levels ranging from Intermediate (B1) to Proficiency (C2). I have also aided foreign students with applications to jobs in the UK and for UK university entry.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - GCSE
  • English - 11+
  • GRE
  • GRE - A-Level
  • GRE - GCSE
  • GRE - 11+
  • Greek
  • Greek - A-Level
  • Greek - GCSE
  • Greek - 11+
  • Latin
  • Latin - A-Level
  • Latin - GCSE
  • Latin - 11+

My Qualifications

Undergraduate Degree - Magdalen College, University of Oxford (2014-17)

BA (Hons.) Classics and English - Double 1st

Demy Scholar 2015-17 & Magdalen Prize for English 2016

Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) - Pass A - Kaplan International English, Dublin

Secondary School - University College School, Hampstead (2007-14)

A-Levels - English Literature (A*), Latin (A*), French (A*), Drama and Theatre Studies (A)

AS Level - Extended Project Qualification (A*)

Vice-Captain of Monitors

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I've directed a play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!