Chloe D

My Passion & How I Inspire

I’ve worked & taught in the arts my entire life & have a unique understanding of the balance between one's expression of self & the feedback needed to improve

Arts Education is about two main things:

1)Discovering & strengthening your creative voice. Whether it's dance, painting, or film there’s no way you can be taught what you want to express with your art; you must only uncover & develop it

2)Working manifest that, finding appropriate ways of translating ideas in a way that's accessible & interesting to an audience

Oh & the golden rule PRACTICE!

Every student is different, therefore sessions are tailored to suit specific needs. I work WITH students figuring out together where they can improve; discussing previous & potential work, their goals, frustrations, difficulties and most importantly - strengths. Focusing on strengths cultivates a motivational environment & space for critical feedback

I encourage students to LOOK, look at your audience, at your subject, at your environment, at yourself. Learning just how, where, when to look is a skill I cultivated with help from my artist & fashion designer mother

I work as a photographer& freelance artist -working currently on two publications of my own work. I look to bring experience from my practice into lessons. I believe the passion, love & dedication I have will inspire students to engage; to succeed!

My Experience

I have been tutoring in the arts for 8 years and have taught over 200 students ranging in age and ability from 3-30 and upwards. Many of my GCSE and A-Level students have gone on to study various manifestations of art, whether it be architecture at The Bartlett or Sound Art at LCC or fashion at Middlesex - the work we have done together compiling and creating their creative portfolio is invaluable and enjoyable for us both.

I worked for 18 months as Head of Art Department in a Montessori school in North London - teaching over 100 students.

I worked for a year as Fine-Arts Educator & Creative Youth Worker on an international arts programme in Jeursalem for young women ages 17-19. Educating and mentoring 25 international students through a rigorous 10 month arts programme of photography, film, drawing, painting, sculpture, creative writing, interactive, installation etc

I have also worked as an art teacher at Tifferet, a girls secondary school in North London.

All the lectures, seminars and classes I have given are personalised and bespoke curricula designed to suit the student's specific needs and interests. I have taught groups of up to twenty-five students, ranging from 3 to 30 years old.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Excel
  • Excel - A-Level
  • Excel - GCSE
  • Fine Art
  • Fine Art - A-Level
  • Fine Art - GCSE
  • Photography
  • Photography - A-Level
  • Photography - GCSE

My Qualifications

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

BA Fine Art


Camberwell College, University of the Arts London,

Diploma in Fine Art

Merit Award

GCSE's 4 A* (in Art and Design), 3 A, 2 B

Photography A-Level B

English Language A-Level C

English Literature A-Level C

My Reviews

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I drink orange juice with my cereal. Kinda gross I know!