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    My Experience

    I began tutoring during University while studying for Civil Engineering. Even after I was working as a Civil Engineer, I was tutoring students for their GCSE’s. I have been working in a secondary school as a Maths teacher after my career in Civil Engineering. I believe in getting the students to love the subject, and their grades will automatically improve.

    Subjects I teach

    Maths up to GCSE

    My Qualifications

    I completed my A Levels in 2008, my Civil Engineering Bachelor’s degree with an first. I have also completed AUTOCAD design, Project management, Qualified teacher status and now completing a PGCE.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have always been a front runner for policy changes and curriculum differentiation for students. Each child is special and it is just a matter of time till they excel in something or the other. Mathematics is just a core skill they need to pick up along the way. Some take it as a career, some just as a means to ensure a smooth day to day transition. Maths anxiety is becoming a regular occurrence among students these days. Students tend to give up before attempting the question just because of the appearance of the question. I believe any student with the right support structure, given time and patience, can achieve way above their own and everyone’s expectations at the GCSE. Just because one student will take ten steps and the other will take two steps to understand and answer a question does not mean there will be a difference in their grades or their abilities. My job is to get my students to understand that the core concepts they have attained from KS2 can be implemented into any GCSE problem with hard work and patience.

    Fun fact

    I am a Fantasy sports master.

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