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    My Experience

    1 to 1 Tutor – Tutoring KS1 school work to home-schooled boy with ASD. The academic material is basic (Key Stage 1); he is working on day-to-day functional skills (telling the time, holding conversations, movement), and plays games to develop other skills (turn-taking etc). The aim is to improve his quality of life and enable him to complete day to day tasks. I work as a private tutor twice a week, with lessons lasting between 75 to 90 minutes. 4 months

    Online Tutor – Tutoring Chinese children to improve their English via an online classroom. This involved a variety of ages and abilities with one-to-one tutoring for 30 minutes per session. Sessions vary from high-quality English teaching to basic reading and listening, providing for all abilities and adapting to the appropriate level.

    EAFL Teacher
    THAILAND – Teaching children aged 2-7years in full time work. This involved a variety of abilities, including native and international students. Classes ranged from 15-20 students per lesson. The lessons are planned around a curriculum. The lessons are based on conversational and spoken English with the aim to improve English speaking ability in the children. 5 months
    BALI – Teaching in a school based in Lovina – Bali. Requirements involved independently teaching 20 children (aged 7-10years) with limited English how to communicate better. I worked with the children to improve their communication levels whilst role modelling skills to promote a positive outlook on future job opportunities in the future for each child.
    SRI LANKA – I taught English to youths whilst role modelling life skills to promote positive mental health and ran therapeutic activities for at-risk children and for individuals with special needs.
    SOUTH AFRICA – Worked in an orphanage teaching and helping children ranging from 0-16years with limited English capability. I ran activities to fit the various age ranges whilst improving their Mathematics and English skills.

    Invigilation – Worked at Westbourne Academy (Ipswich) through the GCSE summer exams. I invigilated both in the main hall and small number rooms, including 1 to 1 as a reader and scribe.

    Subjects I teach

    Psychology – up to GSCE, AS/A Level/BSc
    Philosophy/Ethics/Religious Ethics – up to GSCE, AS/A Level
    PE – up to GCSE
    Maths – up to GCSE
    English – up to GSCE
    Geography – up to GSCE
    History – up to GSCE

    My Qualifications

    University of Nottingham – First Class Honours Degree in Psychology (with International Study) BSc.
    Ipswich School – A Level – passed 3 subjects: Maths (C), Religious Studies (A), Psychology (A)
    GCSE AS Level passed 4 subjects: Mathematics (B), Religious Studies (A), Psychology (A), Physical Education (B)
    GCSE O Level: passed 10 subjects including Maths & English Language

    My International Placements

    Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, South Africa.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My passion came from my educational and wider experiences. I have always found people, groups and behaviour fascinating and learning theories to attempt to explain human behaviour is incredible interesting. Since first reading about psychology at 14 years old it has continued to excite my interest.

    Being a tutor is a true passion of mine, I have taken any opportunity available to teach and I continue to enjoy it. I believe everyone deserves the best education available to them, and tutoring is a great way to enable this. Tutoring helps me pass on the knowledge I have gained throughout my academia and inspire others through their education. Seeing students progress in their education is extremely rewarding and motivates me to continue to tutor.

    I try to inspire my students by bringing my passion and enthusiasm to lessons. Preparing exciting and interactive lessons gives the student a more active role in the session and allows them to express themselves. I aim to learn about the student so I can base lessons on the type of teaching they respond to, whilst bringing in different materials to keep their interest.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I was World Karate Champion at 15 years old.

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