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    My Experience

    I have a vast amount of experience in teaching and tutoring. This has included:
    – working in nurseries and reception classes, teaching phonics and EYFS mathematics
    – working as a teaching assistant in two different primary schools up to the age of 13, which involved supporting students with additional needs (including mathematics and English Language)
    – as a playworker, I worked with children aged 5 to 12 for many years, which involved more practical teaching (e.g. swimming, making friends, etc.)
    – as an assistant psychologist, I worked with young people with mental health problems and was heavily involved in teaching psychoeducation and social skills to both patients and their parents
    – mentoring disadvantaged children, including supporting them with their homework through a charity
    – working with adults and children with intellectual disabilities
    – running various training sessions to NHS and teaching staff about eating disorders and how to support very unwell clients
    – leading a variety of different groups focused on increasing wellbeing and enhancing mental health with clients and carers
    – running teaching sessions as part of my Masters degree
    – exam invigilation (GCSE, A level)

    Subjects I teach

    Psychology up to Masters level (including research design)
    Maths up to GCSE
    Biology up to GCSE
    English Language up to GCSE
    Personal Statement writing
    CV writing
    Interview Preparation
    Statistics for Psychology and use of SPSS
    Early Years teaching (including phonics, writing and mathematics)

    My Qualifications

    The School of St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon. A levels: Biology (A), Psychology (A), Chemistry (B). AS level: Maths (B). I was a prefect for my final two years at school.

    Cardiff University: BSc Psychology with a Professional Placement (First Class Honours).

    Swansea University: MSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (Distinction). I was awarded the Rodger Wood Prize for Outstanding Academic Excellence.

    Imperial College London: I am currently undertaking my PhD in Clinical Medicine, focusing on eating disorders.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Where did my passion start with psychology? My interest in psychology began at school, although I have always been interested in people and human behaviour. I had a number of friends and family members who struggled with mental health problems and I wanted to be able to support them, so I began studying psychology. Needless to say, I was hooked from the first lesson!

    What inspires me to tutor? I had an excellent psychology teacher for A level and I think that this is really important. I would love to be able to support other young people to be confident in their ability to do the subject they love and carry that passion forward into whatever career path they decide to do. I had so much privilege growing up (being in a good area with parents who pushed me academically) and I want to be able to give something back and help other students to achieve their dreams.

    How do I inspire my students? For me, the most important thing to instil in a student is that, with confidence and the right support, they can achieve whatever you want to achieve. I had a difficult through years at primary school with physical illness and I missed out on some school. This meant that I never felt that I was “good enough” at senior school and always felt left behind. It wasn’t until I discovered psychology that I realised my potential and my confidence exploded! I now love every aspect of my subject and I want others to feel that joy with their subject. I want to inspire my students that confidence is key and nobody should feel that they are not “good enough” because you ARE good enough!!

    Fun fact

    I own over 80 different types of houseplant!

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