My Passion & How I Inspire

Tuition should reflect the needs and style of the student. I believe that the power of successful private tuition lies in its ability to provide a tailor-made programme, which is in tune with each client. Tightly structured lessons, which focus on specific goals, is the best approach to producing tangible progress. This, combined with a drive to teach my students the underlying concepts of a subject, is the basis of my teaching method. This helps students expand their understanding and clarity of thought in a subject, ultimately leading to the best results.

My Experience

Tutored A-Level and GCSE Science

Tutored Essay writing technique at A-Level

Tutored Interview skills for Winchester College Applications

Subjects That I Teach

  • ACT
  • ACT - A-Level
  • ACT - GCSE
  • ACT - Undergraduate
  • Biology
  • Biology - A-Level
  • Biology - GCSE
  • Biology - Undergraduate
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry - A-Level
  • Chemistry - GCSE
  • Chemistry - Undergraduate
  • Neuroscience
  • Neuroscience - A-Level
  • Neuroscience - GCSE
  • Neuroscience - Undergraduate
  • Physics
  • Physics - A-Level
  • Physics - GCSE
  • Physics - Undergraduate
  • Psychology
  • Psychology - A-Level
  • Psychology - GCSE
  • Psychology - Undergraduate
  • Science
  • Science - A-Level
  • Science - GCSE
  • Science - Undergraduate

My Qualifications

1st Class Degree in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

(Specialising in Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology and History & Philosophy of Science)

A-Level Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

AS-Level History

10 A*, 1A GCSE

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I was on TV for University Challenge!