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    My Experience

    I have been tutoring since the age of 14, whereby I helped a 10-year-old girl pass her entrance exams for Secondary School and a 27-year-old who needed to pass her Maths GCSE in order to get a job she wanted. I am currently working at Focus 1st Academy where I teach Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics to students with challenging behaviour and/or difficult circumstances (aged 14-16) in order to prepare them for their GCSEs. I also have had many pupils over the past year, ranging from the ages of 7-16 helping them with Maths (up to GCSE level) and English SATs. I am familiar with AQA, Edexcel, OCR and MEI exam boards.

    Subjects I teach

    Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics up to GCSE,
    11+ entrance exams for Secondary School,
    English SATs.

    My Qualifications

    The University of York
    BSc Mathematics (high 2:1)

    Woodhouse College
    Mathematics (A)
    Biology (B)
    Chemistry (B)

    St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School
    Mathematics, Additional Science, Italian (A*)
    Science, English Language, English Literature, History, Music, French, Latin (A)
    Religious Studies (B)

    My International Placements

    In 2017, I went to Vietnam for a month where I taught English to children aged 5-13.

    In 2018, I spent two months in South Africa working in a secondary school, an orphanage and a nursery. In the secondary school I was teaching English to students aged 16-18. My biggest class had 70 students! In the orphanage and nursery I was working with children aged 5 and under: teaching them how to speak English and looking after their general needs.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe getting to know my students and sharing a mutual respect is a must. I am always aware that I am not only teaching a subject, but also a child. Each student must taste success at the start by beginning with the simple to the complex, the concrete to the abstract, the known to the unknown and to develop at their own rate. This will build their confidence which I believe is the key to progression in any subject.

    I always ask my students what they’d like to achieve and if they have any aspirations for their future. I then relate this to the subject I am teaching them in order to emphasize its significance in achieving their goals and, as a result, giving them the motivation to succeed in the subject.

    Teaching is more than just a job. For me, teaching is a vocation.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I jump out of planes for fun…

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