My Passion & How I Inspire

“Classes should be fun and engaging. I enjoy using a variety of methods to coach students to enable them to achieve their academic potential.”

My Experience

I am a fully qualified teacher and have worked as a private tutor in addition to teaching at school and university. The majority of my experience as a tutor is in central London preparing students for the 7+, 11+, 13+, G.C.S.E.s, A-Levels, International Baccalaureate and University entrance exams. I have also worked as a private tutor in the U.S., China and India.

I have tutored students from these London schools:

Prep. Schools: Broomwood Hall; Colet Hall, Garden House, Glendower Prep., Kensington Prep., Sussex House, Wetherby and Westminster Cathedral School.

Public Schools: Alleyn’s School; City of London School for Boys, City of London School for Girls, Dulwich College, Francis Holland School, Harrow, North London Collegiate School, Portland Place School, St. Paul’s, The Goldolphin and Latymer School, The Harrodian School and Westminster School.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English Foreign Language
  • Spanish - For Exams
  • Spanish - For Life
  • Verbal Reasoning - IB
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation - IB
  • Dissertation - GCSE
  • Dissertation - 11+
  • English
  • English - IB
  • English - GCSE
  • English - 11+
  • French
  • French - IB
  • French - GCSE
  • French - 11+
  • History of Art
  • History of Art - IB
  • History of Art - GCSE
  • History of Art - 11+
  • History
  • History - IB
  • History - GCSE
  • History - 11+
  • Latin
  • Latin - IB
  • Latin - GCSE
  • Latin - 11+
  • Maths
  • Maths - IB
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - 11+
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Non Verbal Reasoning - IB
  • Non Verbal Reasoning - GCSE
  • Non Verbal Reasoning - 11+
  • Spanish
  • Spanish - IB
  • Spanish - GCSE
  • Spanish - 11+
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning - GCSE
  • Verbal Reasoning - 11+

My Qualifications

M.A. in Education (King’s College London)

P.G.C.E. (Cambridge University)

B.A. (Oxford Brookes University with sandwich year at Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III)

My Reviews

“Having Caroline tutor Oscar has transformed his performance at school. His grades have shot up and he believes he can achieve that which he sets out to achieve. It's been a pleasure having Caroline as his tutor and we would recommend her highly.

Miranda P. in S.W. London January 2012.

Thank you for teaching me Caroline. I have been predicted an A* in my GCSE now! I promise to read every day! Thanks! Ana Z. London. 12/2013

Caroline: The most recent Ofsted evaluation at school deemed me to be an 'Outstanding' teacher. Following the success of my students' improvement in grades last year, I have taken charge of all higher tier GCSE classes at school.”

Fun fact

I love to do trapeze and Argentinian tango!